Old Hollywood movie quotes to remember

Today I was scrolling through my old Hollywood movie quotes memory. When you read some movie dialogue transcripts, you realise that you don’t always have to watch the movie to relate to the situation or put it in perspective. Some quotes may lead to random thoughts like: “that’s hilarious” or “let me use that line as an inspirational quote”. And ofcourse there are some movie quotes that are so good, that you feel the urge to say them out loud...

Here are a few quotes of my favorite Old Hollywood movies. Enjoy! Memorize them and if needed, you may want to add some quotes to your real life dialogue transcript.


Already posted this one in a previous item, but…

Gone with the wind


When someone just doesn’t get the hint and you’re like:

Singin’ in the rain


Whatever happens,



I don’t always sing, but when I do I’m singin’ in the shower, or I’m…

Singin’ in the rain


When you’re all innocent like:




No special comments here. Just read, memorize picture 3 and 4 and share the knowledge

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