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Today, I am having a little time out of the back-to-the-good old days thought. Sometimes it’s good to stand still, take a deep breath, count your blessings gadgets and think about all the luxuries and knowledge of the Here and Now. So I did. I compared the Here and Now to approximately ten years ago. And in my book that’s already a retro status. So here we go:

There weren’t a lot (online) vintage and retro fashion webshops as now. Can you imagine? What did all those vintage and retro lovers do? Were did they find those lovely feminine fashion items? This calls for an investigation.

Some years ago, I didn’t know that a little bit of red pepper and hot chocolate go very well together. Now I do. Which is very important if you want to take my blog title literally.

Nowadays I know exactly what I want (and I actually want it right now). Although sniping my fingers does not work (yet), it certainly gives me some Right Now motivation.

Some things were definitely better in the old days. But don’t fool yourself. You know you love the nowadays this-item-is-one-click-away era.

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Also a lot of things (and people) are just an app away…

And one way or another: swiping keeps your thumb in good shape.

Selfies make the world go round these days. So don’t forget: if you haven’t made a selfie yet, you haven’t really lived.

The definition of Facebook ten years ago was probably: a face in a book or a book on your face. Now it’s a huge part of your entertainment life: pressing “like” for the 3456546456 time and getting popcorn while reading certain comments below (hilarious) posts in your newsfeed.

Back in those days I wasn’t married. Now I am. It just happened. It happened to you too, even if you think it didn’t. Your smartphone is The One. To have and to hold forever until a dead battery or an accidental drop will do you part.

Blogging was like…(almost) non existent. So thumbs up to the inventors of this hobby of mine (and of many others).

Google and you have developed a BEST FRIEND level. See, friendzoning isn’t that bad…

How did people live without knowing what a delicious dessert or drink you had on a certain day. Especially if it also included a nice instagram filter.

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Last but not least: ten years ago you didn’t know about Oriental Spice and some Chocolate. Even I didn’t. Well, now you do. So, cheers to this incredible upgrade.

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