As long as everything exactly the way I want...

When it comes down to events in your life, there are a lot of things you can control. Unfortunately, there are also essential things beyond your control.


Controlling your attitude, yes you can


Controlling someone else’s attitude, no you can’t


Put your back into it, yes you can


Let others make their effort, no you can’t


Dive into an adventure, yes you can


Let your adventures end well, no you can’t


Adjust, yes you can

Change, no you can’t


Have faith in the future, yes you can


Turn back time, no you can’t


See and embrace your unique qualities, yes you can


Let others see and know your value, no you can’t

When you read the above contrasts, you probably think: “Well, that’s logical”. And indeed it is. There are certain things you can’t control. However, you’ve been in the “no, you can’t” seat more often than you think. Certain events or maybe even people, have put you there or will put you there in the future. At that time you won’t be in the “ah well, that’s logical” position, but more in the “wait, what’s happening” position.

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No worries, because no matter what happens, the most important thing is that YOU stood (up) for something and YOU’ve tried. Even when things are going in complete opposite direction of the way you want them to (especially when other people are involved), you’ll know this: it wasn’t your fault. You’ll continu your life knowing that you did your best. That’s easier to live with than to be floated around regret and what if’s.

So, no: you can’t always have it your way, but at least you’ve tried.

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