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Oriental Spice and some Chocolate quotePersonal picture made by Als Filmster Op De Foto

New Year’s Eve was just two days ago and suddenly March happened. Who pressed the speed button this time? Anyway, don’t you think it’s time for some new celebrations after the first two hibernation months? Well, I do. Add these celebrations to your calendar. Now.

1. Happy Sister-From-Another-Mister day

During your life you will meet a lot of people. Some people go and some people stay, but it’s not important how long you know someone. All that matters is that actions speak louder than words, when it comes to the good and the bad times. We all have our biological family and we have those persons that we choose as family.

P.s. Sister can also be replaced with brother.

2. Happy Thank-God-That-Didn’t-Work-Out day

Because we all had some sort of situation where the answer was No. However, at some point you (will) realise that a No is actually a Yes in disguise.

3. Happy Payed-Your-Dues day

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do and you definitely won’t enjoy it. The good news is that everything is temporary. So after you went through it, it’s party time!

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4. Happy Nailed-It day

When you’ve worked your ass off and yesss, you (finally) nailed it!

5. Happy Ending day

Because endings are not bad at all, remember?

6. Happy Inspiration day

Either you’re inspired by someone or you’re the inspiration source. Either way, inspiration sets a change in motion. It can be a creative change or a life change. Take your pick and celebrate it.

7. Happy Wipe-That-Smile-Off-Your-Face day

Because smiling is good for you. The best (and hilarious) moments give you that all day Joker grin, that makes others wonder what you’re up to or what you have done. At a certain point you may get a tissue with the request to wipe that smile off your face.

8. Happy Do-Something-New day

No, you don’t have to sign up for bungee jumping immediately. Doing something new in daily life will do the trick. In fact, it’s even better to include something new in your daily life instead of doing something new once a year. For example approach situations from a different perspective. Do something that is out of your comfort zone. Like snoozing one time instead of five. (Just kidding, that was just a note to myself). Talk to people who are really different than you. Try a new recipe, restaurant, hobby, concert… Anything is possible.

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9. Happy Pat-On-The-Back day

Because you’re so damn smart.
And yes you can give yourself a pat on the back if there is no one else around.

10. Happy Mistakes day

Because you’re so damn smart and you make mistakes. Thanks to those mistakes, your wisdom level rises. And some mistakes lead to hilarious stories, which on their turn will lead to Happy Wipe-That-Smile-Off-Your-Face day for others or yourself. See, there is a vicious circle here.

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