19th century moustache movember

Men Special Alert.

So, I don’t really like moustaches and beards and I can not lie. However since it’s Movember, I can make an exception. Ofcourse the exception will be in Oriental Spice and some Chocolate style. Presenting to you: the 19th century moustache (and beard) special. Men: it’s time to make a statement here. Take your pick for this Movember.


The classy styled moustache

38749-atlvia Encyclopedia of New Zealand


The fringe

19th century beardsvia Mattsko


Like a true gentleman

beards-19th-centuryvia Wikipedia


The very acceptable style for those who don’t like moustaches and beards

19th century beardsvia Mattsko


The I-don’t-need-a-scarf beard

beards 19th centuryvia thennowtomorrow


The moustache and beard that will turn you into a meme

19th century beardsvia historicallyhandsomemen


The misplaced moustache

beards-19th-centuryvia Wikipedia


The search-for-my-mouth beard

19th century beardsvia Encyclopedia of New-Zealand


And finally: you’re doing it wrong right

beards-19th-centuryvia smithsonianmag.com

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