No Netflix binge-watching sessions last Sunday, because there was another interesting event on the calendar: the Marilyn 90  exhibition at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. This year marks the 90th birthday of Marilyn Monroe and it’s celebrated with an exhibition that showcases personal items of Marilyn. Was it worth visiting?

Wiggle, Wiggle

I have to say, I always find it a little bit disappointing how fast you are “overdressed” on these modern Sundays if you wear vintage style fashion. But as a true modern vintage style lover, overdressing is my middle name so I wore a red mermaid wiggle dress. I can tell you that a mermaid wiggle dress actually feels warmer than a casual winter dress (tip of the day!). The nice thing about Sunday: There was no line at all, when we arrived at De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam. So I would definitely recommend “Exhibition Sunday”.

Let’s get personal

At the entrance, I was slightly disappointed that we were not allowed to make pictures (with 2 exceptions). On the other hand, we were totally focussed on the exhibition instead of on making pictures. Also very cliche, but true: sometimes you have to see things “live” instead of staring at a picture.

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This was not just another exhibition. First of all, I was impressed how many personal items we could see. Next to that, they were so well preserved! I actually find it amazing. I mean, we are talking about everyday items that were used in the 1950s. Secondly, all the stories, articles, biographies literally came alive while looking at her personal belongings. From the rollers that Marilyn used to curl her hair to the showstopping Seven Years Itch dress. And from original handwritten fan letters to original movie scripts, bills of psychiatric institutions and personal notes… It literally brought me closer to that iconic woman that died in an era way before I was even born, while her items are still in the present world.


Marilyn 90 exhibition: Worth visiting?

During the exhibition you’ll get a speed tour through her life. From the day she was born via her difficult childhood to her modelling days. From Norma Jeane to Marilyn Monroe and from the peak of career to her tragic death in 1962 (that’s still surrounded in mystery). Is this exhibition worth visiting? Definitely, if you want to know more about Marilyn Monroe. But also if you’ve already know a lot, because literally seeing her personal items from more than 60 years ago today brings you closer to the person behind the bombshell image. Marilyn was intelligent and ahead of her time, but the same time she had a very tragic life. It’s not specifically emphasized during the exhibition, but pay attention and you’ll see the red line.

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Sometimes people ask me why I am a fan of Marilyn. I would rather describe it as fascination and Marilyn is one of many actresses (and actors) of the Golden Era that I’m fascinated about. The only difference is that everyone knows Marilyn Monroe. She has received that iconic status after her death, but not everyone looks beyond the bombshell blonde image. And there is more than meets that meets the eye. Much more. There is a reason why Joe Dimaggio’s famous last words before his death were: “I’ll finally get to see Marilyn again”.

Interested in this exhibition? Check the information here

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  1. Linde
    Linde says:

    Hier ben ik ook geweest. Was zo tof om haar nepwimpers te zien en de witte jurk inderdaad! Maar ik vond ook het verhaal achter het icoon met meest aangrijpend. Vooral aan het einde van de tentoonstelling, waar het over haar dood ging, was ik echt een beetje ontroerd!


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