You know those songs that you heard for the first time and are on your repeat button ever since? That list will be growing today. It’s been a while, but finally it’s time for another episode of “Songs of the week”. In previous episodes, I have showed you some of my favorite jazz, soul and funk songs. Today I want to shine some light on some lovely Old Hollywood music masterpieces of the golden era. The songs below are on my Youtube repeat button since the first time I discovered them during my Old Hollywood movie nights.


Well first of all you will see that some of the songs are mimed and not really sung by the actresses mentioned below. Still I believe that they “own” the song, because of their acting, appearance and charisma. Besides that, these songs are pretty good! The writing of this post was actually delayed because of me, selecting the songs and hitting on the Youtube repeat button again… Well it’s time to think outside the 2014 music box. So forget about your VMA’s favorites of this year and listen to the songs below. Also the movies are definitely worth watching. Enjoy this musical Saturday!

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Put. The. Blame. On. Mame.
Rita Hayworth as Gilda singing “Put the blame on Mame” (sung by Anita Kert Ellis) | 1946


A lovely serenade. By a woman.
Audrey Hepburn as Holly singing “Moonlight”. From the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s | 1964


“How I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day…”. Still accurate!
Elvis Presley as Lucky Jackson singing the title song of the movie Viva Las Vegas | 1964


Marilyn Monroe as Sugar Kane in Some Like it Hot singing “I wanna be loved by you”| 1959
(original song is from 1928)


Although she mimed the song, Rita Hayworth really owned this song. After watching the video, you will understand why.
Rita Hayworth as Gilda singing “Amada Mio” (originally sung by Anita Kert Ellis) | 1946


“Fever, in the morning…
Fever all trough the night”
Peggy Lee – Fever | 1958 (originally recorded by Little Willie John in 1956). Not from a movie, but the best cover version of this song.


“End of a song…beginning of storyyyyyy”
Louis Armstrong singing the title song “High Society” | 1954

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