Some people couldn’t get it together even if it’s right in front of them, and put into a combo.

That’s the thing about wisdom. It can actually be a curse, because you have to deal with so much:
human stupidity | ignorance | coldhearted behaviour | perfect pictures about how-it’s-supposed-to-be.
Pick a few.

Sometimes you want to share your wisdom about certain life issues. Not because you want to be right, but because it’s something everyone will experience sooner or later. Some people will listen, others won’t because they’re to busy trying to keep their perfect picture alive and living in their own limited world. That’s actually the moment when you as a wisdom person, have to jump to the next level.

Of course not everyone knows everything. But there are certain lessons that everyone will learn in his or her lifetime. Lessons that can only be understood, when you’ve really been “through” it. Unfortunately a lot of people are so busy with the picture of how it’s supposed to be, luxury problems and selfish behaviour. Until those reality checks come along. The reality checks that usually come in too late and which include real farewells and turn your world upside down. The moments when the coulda-woulda-shoulda’s start jumping on your shoulder. And the moments when the I-told-you-so’s start haunting you. That’s actually life’s way of saying: If you don’t wanna hear it, you have to feel it.

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When you feel it you will finally understand it and it will give you experience for the next time. But remember: you don’t always get a second chance. Sometimes it’s now or never.

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