The thing with chances is, that they always come and go. For every person. The thing with people is, that they expect that a chance will be dropped in their lap without putting some effort. That is never how it goes.

There are actually two options:
You take a chance. It may mean you risk something. You risk the life you had till you took the chance. It may mean you find yourself on a pad with obstacles. But you accept it and realise that pad and that chance may lead to something great. Anything worth having never comes easy. That’s why you always have to work for something good. A lot of times you have to work hard. 

But…some people are lazy or afraid these days and rather wait for something better to come along. They like to run away when they find out it’s not easy enough. Or they are afraid of the unknown. But you never know if something better will come along. And hereby we arrived at the next and last option:

You don’t take the chance. You wait for a next or “better” chance. Which means you risk nothing and there are no changes in your life. And you’ll probably be comfortable with that thought. For a while. Because one way or another regret will probably find you. Because the chance you didn’t take is passed on to someone else. So you have to live with the regret about not knowing what could have been if only you had taken that chance…

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People tend to forget that things don’t just come along. It’s up to you to grab that chance and make something  good or great of it.
Imagine this: You meet a random stranger and one year later that person has become your friend. That’s because you reached out and put some effort. On the other hand the other person wouldn’t have you as friend if he or she hadn’t reached out.

When you have to work hard to get something or be with someone you want, you’ll treasure it.
After that the trick is not to desire more, but to want what you have.

Last but not least: Some things come along often. For example interesting jobs. But the greatest chances are rare and not about things…. If a special person shows up in your life and you failed to take the chance to bond with that person, you’ll regret it more than that job you didn’t take….

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