Mad Men Don Draper
Mad Men Don Draper

The last weeks, I’ve been thinking about the fun I had last year, when I started watching Mad Men, while everyone else was already at the last season. I don’t know where I was, but somehow I wasn’t aware of the existence of Don Draper & co in 2007.

As you may have read, I bought the DVD set a few years ago, but I didn’t start watching Mad Men until February 2015. More importantly, I managed to delay my last-season-of-Mad Men binge-watch activities until autumn 2015 year, to extend the retro Mad Men fun.

Next to the obvious retro vibes that are inseparably linked to this serie, there is another reason why I have liked it since episode 1.

Inspiration. For life.

You can take that literally. The dialogues in Mad Men are filled with life lessons and career advice. Okay and sometimes there is that typical 1960s men state of mind, which came close to reality in those days. However, fortunately in this case times change. Think about Don Draper stimulating Peggy Olson to make something of her career in his own typical way. During the episodes there are a lot of (realistic) quotes and sayings that you probably don’t see a lot on Pinterest. Especially when you look back on the dialogues of Don Draper. Next to that, there are a lot of(hidden) quotes to live by and some of them are truly still applicable in today’s (career) world. So here’s some life and career advice from Don Draper:

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1. Ladies (and gentlemen): It’s all about marketing.

love nylons quote Don Draper_Mad Men

2. Reality.

Rules life there is no tomorrow Don Draper quote Mad Men

3. Take control:

If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation quote Don Draper Mad Men


4. Less is more

Make it simple yet significant quote Don Draper Mad Men

5. Standing still leads to nowhere.

Moving forward quote Don Draper Mad Men

6. Wishful thinking

People tell you who you are quote Don Draper_Mad Men

7. Respect. You need to earn it.

Respect go out there and get it quote Don Draper_Mad Men

8. Go with the change flow.

Change simply is Don Draper Mad Men

9. Important question to ask yourself frequently:

Is that what you want or what people expect from you Don Draper Mad Men

10. Fitting in will get you nowhere.

Success is about standing out Don Draper Mad Men

11. Work for it.

stop asking for things quote Don Draper Mad Men

First and featured image via Creative Commons – Christina Saint Marche
Other pictures via Pixabay. Quote edits: by me via Wordswag

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