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Remember the beginning of 2015? As you may have read, I am from the anti-new year’s resolutions movement. In the first days of January, I wanted to do something new, which included some food for thought. So last year in January, I decided to write a letter to the Future Me in 2016. I explained how you can do this and my arguments about doing this in this blogpost.

Looking back

At first, I wanted to write it before 31 December 2014. However, I changed my mind and decided that it would be more fun to get a letter in the first days of the most boring month of the year: January. During the year, I actually forgot about the content of the letter I wrote. I did remember that I would receive it somewhere in the first days of January. Well, yesterday was the day. I got a nice letter from the Past Me.

It was very interesting to go back to the 4th of January 2015 since that whole year has become history and now only exists in memory. I literally time travelled mentally to 4 January 2015. Every year brings its own changes. You cannot always catch it with your eyes, sometimes it’s a matter of a change of mind or heart. If I look back, it has been a combination of all three for me. Below I’d like to zoom in on a few area’s of my letter.

Closed chapters, changes and an unfinished goal

Some things stayed exactly the same. In that letter, I wrote that I couldn’t wait until the next Christmas. Well, I am still in my after Christmas bubble, so I have te exact same feeling. I wrote that letter in my first-week-of-January-break (a personal tradition). The letter started with a few situations and times that I really missed. On 4 January 2015, I wanted to go back to those situations. Reading it back I still miss those times, but they have become closed chapters over the past year. I am more focussed on creating new situations like that.

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In fact… I already started with it last year. An important message to the Present Me was: great things don’t happen overnight. That last part is quite important and has to do with something I really wanted to accomplish in 2015, but I didn’t succeed (yet). Great things don’t happen in one night and also not always in one year. I gave myself a deadline of one year, but as it turns out one year is not always enough when it comes to realising dreams and achieving personal goals. Nevertheless, I am motivated more than ever to achieve that goal. I might achieve it this year, but maybe it will take longer and that’s perfectly fine.

Stay true to yourself and take opportunities

Last but not least there were two important messages that I gave myself for 2015. “Stay true to yourself”, Past Me said and “Take opportunities”. And I did. Every year, you will meet new people. By staying true to yourself, you attract people who totally fit in your personality zone. Also in 2015, I’ve met some very nice new people. Every year you realise who is for keeps, who always will be for keeps and of course…who never will be for keeps. There are two reasons for that: lack of personality or fake personality. The “taking opportunities” part has to do with the previous goal I was talking about. I took opportunities and eventhough it didn’t work out: I didn’t wait around and grabbed my chances.

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It didn’t always work out the way I planned or wanted, but like Past Me said: At least you have no regrets because you tried. I enjoyed reading a letter from the past. It’s like getting a letter from a longtime friend or relative. It wasn’t only serious, so I had to laugh about myself a little bit. (Past me, you’re so hilarious!). In fact, if you’re reading this, I would highly recommend writing a letter to your future yourself. It gives you a glimpse of the future at the beginning of one year, which has become the past in the next year. Obviously, if you read back your letter, you will realise that your previous year hasn’t always been fun and games, but one way or another you upgraded, learned and discovered. It’s nice to literally have that journey on paper.

I will make it a tradition to write a letter every year. Much better than those New Year’s resolutions that you’ve forgotten all about at the end January…

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