Today it’s Diwali. It’s the festival of light. The festival finds its origin in India, where it’s a five days celebration. Each day comes with its own myths or legends and has its own traditions and rituals. Light is the symbol of joy, success, hope, happiness and prosperity. Bottom line of this celebration: good overcomes evil and positive above negative. And you don’t even have to be religious to celebrate Diwali…!

Good v.s. negative energy

Happiness and positive thoughts…it´s actually a state of mind. Despite of what many people think, luck has nothing to do with it. Just think about this: almost everyone can think of a person who apparently has it all from the outside, but is unhappy or in a vicious negative circle on the inside. So today on Diwali, it’s about giving a moment of thought about all the events, situations, thoughts and people in your life, positive and negative. The next step is to give every negative aspect a place in your past. That’s obviously easier said than done.

But if you bring negative forces to your present or future, they will only hold you back. You have to realize that every year you will end up in good and bad situations. That’s life: it has its ups and downs. Today light represents the good and gives positive energy and it burns the negativity. That’s why you put on the lights to brighten up the darkest hours. If you can mentally picture how the light burns negativity, then you’re already half way. It will be easier to mentally burn the negativity of your own life and focus on all the good things.

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Diwali: a time for reflection

One might ask: why are these days being planned? Positive thinking and becoming a better person is an everyday concept ? The answer is quite simple. When would you really do it with full awareness if you don’t make time for it? It’s just like you plan a vacation to relax from everyday life and come back fresh and full of energy. Burning negative bridges is of course more difficult, but the situation is comparable.

Through the years you’ll end up in all sorts of situations:

  • Good things and bad things
  • You meet people with a good heart and people with bad intentions, passing through…
  • You experience things to remember and things you rather forget.
  • There are things to repeat and hopefully-never-again experiences…

Diwali is a time of reflection where you take your helicopter and rise. Take a look from a distance at all your experiences and events from the year. Focus on the good things. Leave the bad things where they are, but take the learned lessons (wisdom) with you, to become a better version of yourself and find peace. Start your engine and navigate to a new chapter and a new, improved and polished version of yourself.

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So: Let there be LIGHT! Bring the positive force in and (try to) leave all the negativity in de past, where it belongs.

-Happy Diwali-

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