Ladies night – vintage meets present edition

What’s life without friends? And what’s life without some vintage glamour? As you know I am not a morning person. And every now and then it’s time to do stuff that you would only do with your lady friends: ladies night! However, don’t have a typical ladies night. Go retro! As a true night owl I can tell you that I would take the night part very literally…So here is a little guide for a typical retro ladies night!

Classic Hollywood movie night & retro series
What’s a ladies night without a good movie? We’re obviously going vintage and retro on this ladies night. For example with a good Classic Hollywood movie. (If you don’t want to watch a Classic Hollywood movie with me, we can’t be friends). Now we all know Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but I would recommend movies like Some Like it Hot, Gentlemen prefer blondes or Roman Holiday. Even hilarious if …