In your life you’ll meet thousands of people.

– With some of them you won’t have any connection, so you’ll go your separate ways
– Some come into your life and leave early
– Some come into your life and stay for a while
– Some are there to teach you a lesson
– Others need you in their life for a while, to learn a lesson from you

A lot of people will be fake, because their words speak louder than their actions.
A few will be real, because their actions speak louder than words.

And then you have the once-in-a-lifetime kind of people. Those who have won a place in your heart because of their great sparkling personality. The ones who love you all-inclusive with your good and your bad sides. The ones who give you positive vibes even if you’re (temporarily) surrounded with negativity

Nowadays you are very lucky when the once-in-a-lifetime persons enter your life. You do have to recognize and cherish these people, because they are the only ones who will matter now and 20 years from now…
And if you don’t cherish them, that old cliché awakens: you don’t know what you’ve got, till it’s gone.

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