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How would life be if I would have lived 100 years, 80 years  or 60 years ago? Do you ever wonder about that? Well, I do. Nowadays, while living your daily life random thoughts appear. From “Where’s the wifi” to “Why does this train has a 5-minute delay”. Or from “It’s Netflix time, do not disturb me” to Where did the weekend go?” A few days ago I started thinking about those random thoughts and the past. If I were in a similar position in life as I am at the moment, how would my life look like in a certain time period? What would I do in my spare time in the early 1900s. Would I be a flapper in the 1920s? How many gloves would I have in the 1950s? Would I master that Twist in the 1960s? Questions, questions. Of course I will never know the real answer.

However, with a lot of imagination and a don’t-take-it-too-serious state of mind I can go far. Presenting to you: a new vintage-meets-present blog serie. Random thoughts that I would have if I lived in another era. I have a lot of random thoughts, but I’ll stick to 15 for these posts. Just like in my vintage fashion serie, I am starting in the early 1900s (1900-1920). Every month, another time period will be featured. Enjoy!

1. “It’s Winter. I have a very long Victorian dress on, five layers of undergarment beneath that, long boots, hosiery, a cloak, gloves and a hat. And I am still cold.”

2. By the way, going to the toilet in these clothes is an everyday challenge.”

3. “Writing is my passion. It’s just a pity that I keep losing my ink dip pens. I also need to refill my ink bottle stash.

4. “Just another Manic Monday. Washday. The whole day. Let’s start with heating water in the copper water heater. I have a lot of clothes so I need probably eight bucketfuls from one cold water tap. Now I have to separate white clothes from colored clothes. White clothes need to be boiled, colored ones need to be soaked. To do more at once, I’ll just put some water from the copper heater in a wooden tub. I’ll put the coloured clothes in there to let them soak. Now the whites can be put in the copper to boil with soda. Now that the whites are boiling, I can finally have some breakfast!” (I really need to have a flashforward break here to the present: massive respect for the washing machine, until eternity).

5. “That corset is like…breathtaking. Literally.”

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Edwardian corsetvia Wikimedia Commons

6. “What shall we eat tonight? Off to the city to do some shopping. It’s exhausting. Store in, store out to get all those different groceries in different stores. And then comes the fun part: carry everything back home without letting it fall on the ground. Sigh. When I get home, I’ll take a nap. Oh no, I can’t. I have to make dinner.”

7. “It’s almost my friend’s birthday. If I post my letter eight weeks before her birthday, it should be there in time.”

8. “A ballroom in three weeks. Don’t mean to brag, but I really own that Waltz. More importantly: what to wear, people? Hmm and let’s see which dashing strangers will be there. They better not step on my feet.”

Gibson Girl ball crushvia Wikimedia Commons


9. “The new Charlie Chaplin movie is coming out tomorrow. Can’t wait to see it! Charlie Chaplin really is one of the greatest actors at this moment. His movies are hilarious.”

10. “Those Ziegfeld girls are so fascinating. Would love to watch them in the theatre.”

11. “I have a master level in housekeeping…”

12. “…but actually I don’t care about that. I would like to do more than getting up, housekeeping, doing the groceries and cook. There must be more to life than this.”

13. “I want to call my good friend. I have exciting news. However, first I need to figure some secret coding for our conversation, since all those third parties are listening to our conversation.

14. “Apparently someone invented something called a typewriter. It promises to be more fast than handwriting and supposedly has other advantages. I have to see it first before I believe it.”

15. “A few hours of freedom! Time for some quality reading time. But wait, I haven’t played cards in a while. Or…I could work on my singing skills and give a little show tonight. Well, actually: skip that. I can’t sing and I don’t want to break the window-glass.”


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victorian women 1900svia Pixabay

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