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OMG I am So Retro checklist

For a typical OMG I Am So Retro person, the present times are fantastic. We are truly  living in the golden online era. I wasn’t born in the roaring twenties, the golden Hollywood 1950s, swinging sixties or floral 1970s. Thankfully for us modern vintage fanatics who were born a little too late, the current technology makes the good old times come alive again. Every now and then it occurs to me, that there is definitely a pattern in mentality when you’re a retro and Classic Hollywood fan nowadays. So I have created a little vintage & retro fan checklist. You know you’re a sucker for vintage & retro when…:

1. …there is vintage inspired movie (coming) out, and you automatically plan to go. You don’t even watch the trailer, because…hey, it’s about the fifties. What’s not to like?

2. …you see feel like binge-watching Mad Men again, while you just finished the last season 6 months ago.

3. …everyone who knows you well, tags you in (hilarious) vintage & retro related pictures on social media.

4. …you feel you’re an unpaid Classic Hollywood movie ambassador. And you still love it.

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5. …you’re cleaning your closet and you have to confirm: You do have enough polka dot dresses.

6. …your well-trained vintage eyes spot vintage inspired ads from miles away.

7. …you immediately can name a time period about certain historical events and people wonder how you know that, because “you weren’t even born yet“.

8. …you sincerely value social media, because you discover so many interesting vintage inspired shops. You probably need a few walk-in-closets, but that’s just a minor detail.

9. …you find yourself in a real-life interior design shop filled with vintage items and you want to take everything home.

10. …you don’t save red lipstick for a “special occasion”. Why on earth would you do that. You’re part of the Every-Day-Is-Red-Lipstick-Day movement!

11. …it’s the 1st of April and everyone is trying to be creative with “the best” April Fools’ day prank and you’re like: Pleaseeee, one of the best April Fools’ pranks comes from 1957: “Spaghetti grows on trees”.

12. …you immediately feel a bond with fellow vintage partners in crime. Even when you haven’t met them yet.

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13. …you always pay extra attention when (older) people start their sentence with “Back in my day…”

14. …you meet up with people and when they are searching for you in the crowd, they look for that retro coat/dress/hairflower or those vintage inspired shoes.

15. …you love lace and other vintage inspired stockings and tights, but you’re a bit too good in ripping them with your nails.

16. …you always believe and apply those good old Grandma-knows-best vintage tricks, because they really do give the best results.

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  1. Melike
    Melike says:

    Wat een leuke lijst. Ik hou ook van retro stuf. Ik was benieuwd of ik veel punten zou herkennen. Een paar wel hihi, vooral die over oude mensen en rode lippen.

  2. jeapiebel
    jeapiebel says:

    Dat ben jij zeker en je ziet er ook uit. Mooi en authentieke stijl heb je. Ik doe wel eens bloemen op mijn haar en ik ben dol op deze soort van kleding, maar zelf met alles er op en eraan heb ik nog niet zo gekleed.


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