retro style winter coat

When winter time hits, I always get mixed feelings. I love Christmas time and the lovely decorations that cheer up the night in December and all the “top xxx hits of all time” programs. However, I dislike the absence of light that starts around 4PM in winter. But…what I dislike most is the cold, especially in combination with rain and wind.

Obviously you can prepare yourself for the weather by wearing, layers, layers and some more layers. However, layers are not always my thing. Besides that, when you love retro style, a lot of times there are dresses and skirts involved. But as the temperature drops, so does my motivation to wear dresses and skirts.

Because here is the thing. You can easily wear a coat, gloves, berets/hats/caps to keep yourself warm. But the legs & waist people… that’s where the cold hits the most.

Well at least in my case. And I probably don’t have to tell you that you really don’t do justice to certain retro (pencil) dresses and skirts if you wear 80-100 dernier tights underneath them. So an alternative could be to wear a long coat (check) and wear 15 dernier tights or stockings. Easy peasy, right? Right, but since I am the shivery type in Winter, I-w-w-would s-s-still f-f-f-eeeel v-v-v-ery c-c-c-o-l-d. So the last few years I’ve been looking for solutions for my always-cold-during-winter problem. So how to go retro style, when you’re always cold in Winter?

Blazers in 1940s & 1950s style

This one is especially useful for office wear with a retro twist. You have ordinary blazers and retro blazers. I am personally not a huge fan of ordinary blazers that you can buy in the mainstream shops. However, blazers with a retro twist make me very happy. Think about 1940s puffsleeves, vibrant prints or perfectly fitted 1950s style blazers. Add a retro style top or blouse and you’re done!

Sweater weather with a retro twist

January, most disliked month of the year in my calendar and a huge contrast with the cheerful December month. As you may have read before, it’s  my sweater weather month by far. And you know: sweaters are not bad at all. Although I do like my sweaters with a colorful (and retro) twist. On the picture below, you can see my favorite sweater, it has a very nice bow as a detail. I like to add a few colorful accessories to make this sweater weather look pop.

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Retro sweater Banned winter style

Twin sets

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I am a huge fan of the Lindy Bop twin set “Maybelle” (#gottahavethemall). I have also posted a twin set outfit of Heart of Haute. The great thing about these (retro) twin sets, is that the material is thick and stretchy. The Lindy Bop twin set even includes an integrated underskirt to keep you warm. Add a long coat (see below) and retro ankle boots and you’re good to go! Also this one is multifunctional. As a twin set, it’s perfect as a work outfit. Remove the jacket and you’re ready for that Christmas party!

Twin Set day? #fortheloveofpurple #lindybop @lindy_bop

Een bericht gedeeld door Oriental Retro Blogger?? (@orientalspiceandsomechocolate) op

High waisted pants

Especially in January, I have a lot of pants days. Still, I don’t like the slouchy Netflix-couch-potato pants look. Not even even when I am actually watching Netflix on the couch (#yogapantsforthewin). So what do you do? In my case, I wear high waisted pants in either 1940s or 1950s style. The nice thing is that you can wear these pants with a lot of combinations. For example, you can wear a lace top and combine it with colorful pants and a cardigan and you’re done. For a more 1950s or 1960s look, you can choose for tight pants and a striped top. It’s an easy style and it especially keeps me warm around my waist.

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High waisted pants striped top retro style winter

High waisted pants 1940s style retro winter styleObviously no t-straps when it’s f-f-freezing

Long coats in 1930s, 1940s or 1950s style

It’s all about the details in this case. With a long coat, I literally mean a coat in 1930s, 1940s or 1950s style which falls far below your knees. Very easy to accomplish when you’re petite ;-)! I love the Hazel coat of Collectif Clothing for several reasons: It’s emphasizes my waist, so it’s never slouchy and it’s long enough to keep me warm. Because of this coat, I still wear my twin suits, until the temperature drops below 0 degrees. Also, coats in retro style usually have a nice, fluffy, fake-fur collar. Which means it keeps you warm and you don’t even have to wear your biggest winter scarf.

Guess my nickname of the day 😉 Coat @collectifclothing #ladyinred

Een bericht gedeeld door Oriental Retro Blogger?? (@orientalspiceandsomechocolate) op

Long winter coat King Louie with huge collar

Long gloves

In this case I don’t mean opera long gloves, but literally long winter gloves that (almost) reach your elbows. December is obviously party season and you may notice that a lot of dresses and tops have three quarter sleeves. It’s all fun & games until you step outside. Long cardigans are not always an option, but in this case long winter gloves can help you out! Keeping you warm when you go outside and also very stylish.

Go 60s!

Well, this one is obviously a matter of taste. The online modern vintage world is mostly focussed on 1940s and 1950s fashion. Personally, I am also a huge fan of 1960s fashion style. Think about turtlenecks in combination with a skirt in vibrant 1960s prints and colors. Another great fashion item of 1960s fashion: Long boots. Especially nice during both Autumn & Winter time, because they are rainproof (unless you were suede) and they keep your feet and a huge part of your legs warm. That will get me through those winter months!

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