History of makeup – Chapter 3: Mascara

Attention! Time for another historical makeup class. This time, mascara is in the spotlights. It’s the alltime favorite makeup item of women. It’s the tiny weird brush that women use to men. Let’s dive into the history of this tiny weird brush!
Personal mascara history
After the red marker episode, I became older and wiser and decided that I would only play around with products that are actually meant to put on your face. Mascara is the first thing you start playing around with. In the late ’90s/early ’00s, the good old green/pink “Great Lash” mascara of Maybelline ruled my beauty case. Nowadays, I don’t have a specific preference for a brand. I like to try out new innovations (on and off the makeup department). For now, I am in a steady relationship with L’oreal. Mascara is like a cherry on the eye makeup topping. It makes you look awake, when you’ve …