History of makeup – Chapter 2: Red lipstick

Two weeks ago, I started the history of makeup serie with the history of eyeliner. Today it’s time for the second episode: red lipstick. My favorite! So let’s start with my personal red lipstick history.
Personal red lipstick history
It all started with a bold red marker. Back in the 90s, when I was about 8 years old my red lipstick fascination was awakened. Just 8 years old and I was already from the “actions speak louder than words” department. So one fine day, I took a bold red marker and started painting my lips. Nice red lips. I didn’t get it off, so it was also waterproof! You can understand that I was the only one who thought this was a good idea. Eventually I did get the marker off. After three days. I stayed away from the red markers on my lips for a while. However: true “red” love never grows old. About 10 years ago, …