History of makeup – Chapter 1: Eyeliner

After my personal ode to flower power, I realised that there is more where that came from. It’s time to make a few historical trips to the makeup world. Which means: another blog serie! These historical makeup trips include a little bit of personal history and a lot of¬†worldwide history. Let’s hit it off with the first episode: eyeliner / kohl.
Personal eyeliner history: the oriental look
In highschool I didn’t feel like spending too much time in front of the mirror in the morning. I still don’t. Oriental Spice and a lot of Snoozing is my middle name in the morning. The longer I can stay in bed in the morning, the better. Every second counts. That being said,¬†of course I do want to look representative. So (liquid) eyeliner has been part of my daily routine since 2001. And it only takes me three minutes. Efficiency at its finest.
Then we have …