Sushine sun

Since the sun is shining and sunshine is the meaning of my name,  ofcourse I should share some of my shine secrets…

In the western world the following formula applies: 25 °C or more + sunshine = happy people. In Western Europe, the official summer is about three months long. The unofficial summer is every year a surprise. Although it seems like the (lack) of sun always influences our mood. That’s the outside sun story which you (unfortunately) can’t control.

Let’s not forget the inside sunshine sun story. It’s actually the more important story, because you can control it literally at any moment. You can approach a situation with thoughts that result in a bad mood and create an unnecessary rainshower. But…you can also approach a situation with an attitude that makes those clouds wonder what you’re up to or better yet makes them dissapear and leave you with a sheer blue sky. Also remember, if those clouds are people: shine on, but definitely don’t let those clouds weaken your shine.

And ofcourse…sometimes you cannot avoid cloudy days and you need a little rain to appreciate the sunshine (or create that beautiful rainbow). But mostly, that inner summer sunshine feeling should surround you longer than the real summer lasts.

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Bottom line: you shouldn’t wait for sunshine, you can create it yourself or better yet: be your own little sunshine, 365 days a year. Keep shining and don’t forget your sunblock!

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