I don’t know many men are reading this blog. If you are one of those men: you are the chosen one.  Pay attention and spread the word. If you are a woman and you know someone who can use some help in the how-to-treat-a-woman department. Let him read this.

It occurred to me that there are so few real men out there these days. Are they still alive? Are they hiding? Are they being imprisoned? What’s going on?

Apparently women are from Venus and men are from Mars, right? So here is Venus providing some guidelines to enlighten Mars.

…Men who whistle and holla at women as they pass by: When we are ignoring you, it’s because we think the whistle is meant for your (imaginary) dog. It’s only acceptable to holla at us when you’re about to bring us a nice serenade like he did.
…The tiny things can make a big impact. Like taking some initiative, show some gut and did I mention taking some initiative?
…When woman are playing with their hair, they are not always flirting. Sometimes our hair is so silky, we like to play with it from time to time and we love silky, soft hair. Just saying.
...Blowing kisses from a car will not make the heart grow fonder.

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…If you want us to get close to you: Smell good | Look well-groomed | And oh yeah…smell GOOD.
…Let’s say you’re on a date and it gets past 12AM. We consider you a man when you get us home safely. You’ll immediately loose 50 points when you let us go home by ourselves.

…It helps a lot when you say something and it’s sincere. It’s even better when the next month you remember what you’ve said and still mean it. Because anything you say, can and will be used against you.
…We don’t like one-way traffic. So when the Venus part is the only one making an effort: be prepared for us to stop, turn around and drive away.

…We women aren’t always right, but neither are you.
…High heels are multi-functional if necessary. Think about it.
…You don’t have to bow as we walk by. Or maybe you want to rethink that, because it’s actually a good exercise to strengthen your back muscles. Anyway, just show some respect.
...Don’t take anyone for granted who adds positive spirit to your life. You’ll find out why sooner or later.
…In the end you’re still from Mars and we’re still from Venus. Different like an apple and a peach. Don’t accentuate but celebrate our differences and make a great fruit salad.

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