Bourjois Rouge edition aqua laque review_Red my lips

Favorite shades of everyday retro chic red
If you’re into retro chic red lipsticks and you want some new shades: this one is for you. So last year I became a huge fan of the retro makeup brand Besame Cosmetics. Still love the brand. Unfortunately, they decided to withdraw their delivery to Europe stockists a couple of months ago. That was actually a huge disappointment, because I had just decided that this was the ultimate brand when it comes to longlasting, highly pigmented red lipstick.

Anyway, I’ve upgraded my Besame stash right before the last lipsticks (of my preference), were out of stock in the last sale of the European stockists. 3 of every color is actually a good idea when things get out of stock.


I decided to save those lipsticks for more special occasions. So I got back to my favorite everyday retro chic lipsticks that are widely available everywhere. I already wrote about some lipsticks from L’Oréal. So the most important thing when it comes to lipstick: I don’t want to re-apply lipstick every hour, so staying power is very important for me. And there is one definite drugstore winner here: Bourjois. The lipsticks of Bourjois have a very good quality and lasting power, especially the matte lipsticks. Also highly pigmented so they are suitable for everyone! Also nice: the price is average, between €10 – €15. So here is my top 3 of favorite retro chic red lipsticks of the Bourjois collections:

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1. I discovered the Rouge Edition velvet of Bourjois a few years ago. Back then, I decided to take the Oriental Spice part of my blog title literally. I chose the most bold red color of that collection: Hot Pepper. It’s a warm, classic red color that I use often when I wear royal blue outfits and of course…red.

Bourjois Rouge velvet edition_Hot Pepper review

2. Time to rediscover the same Rouge Edition velvet with a more deep, red wine color: Grand Cru. Currently my favorite. I usually wear this color in combination with colors like white, black or marine blue, because those colors really makes this red wine shade pop.

Bourjois Rouge edition velvet lipstick review Grand Cru

3. This is the shiny version of the Rouge Velvet lipsticks from Bourjois: Rouge Edition aqua laque. It’s really nice when you want shine with the coverage of a lipstick. This lipstick doesn’t last as long as the matte lipsticks. You have to re-apply (one coat) after for example lunch or dinner. Still better than lipgloss though and once again highly pigmented. I usually apply two coats in the morning. Not to be used when you’re cycling on a sunny spring/summer day though. Unless you want to be kissed by insects.

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Bourjois Rouge edition aqua laque review_Red my lips


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  1. Melike
    Melike says:

    Ik ben zelf ook echt een rode lipstick girl. Er komt bijna geen dag voor dat ik het niet draag hihi. Deze van Bourjois kende ik nog niet! Ik moet dit zeker ook even testen. Prachtige foto’s trouwens!


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