Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

Expectations, expectations…who doesn’t have them? Subconsciously they arise while you’re living your life. When you were a kid, you probably had expectations about how your future would look like when you “would be older”. Well, now you are older. And did it turn out the way you thought as a kid? Chances are that it didn’t. It may be better, it may be worse or you’re in that extraordinary zone that has a life that turned out exactly as you thought it would be. Expectations that never got the chance to meet reality usually go hand in hand with dissapointment. Dissapointment that things didn’t work out as you’ve planned or as you’ve always imagined. But don’t confuse expectations with goals. Goals are within your own control, you just have to work for it.

The biggest dissapointments usually have nothing to do with things, but with people. If you’re a person with a good heart, you will give a lot: love, care, compassion… you name it. A good heart these days is hard to find, so you’ll probably receive less. And that’s the point when you usually get hurt, especially when people you care about, don’t return the same “gifts” to you.

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But…can you blame them? And should you even expect something in return from another person?

Every individual is different. Different personality, but also different battles to fight. You actually may be happier when you give what you got, to whoever you think deserves it, without expecting something in return. That way you shine on, being as good as a person as you can be. And you won’t be dissapointment or get hurt when people don’t “give” back. On the other hand you can be pleasantly surprised when people do “give” back, because you didn’t expect it…

Obviously the whole expect less, get more principe is easier said than done. Of course you can’t live your life with no expectations at all. But when it comes to people you may want to give it a try, because not every one is as generous and respectful as you.

Besides that: give all you got and be who you want to be, but don’t be afraid to lose someone who doesn’t realise how lucky he/she is to have you.

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