Everyday long hair retro hairstyles 70s

If you look around on instagram, you’ll see beautiful vintage inspired hairstyles everywhere. Search on #vintagehair for example. In my opinion, a lot of those hairstyles are more appropriate for medium hairstyles, so in my case my hair is actually too long. Besides that, vintage hairstyles are not really an option for me during workdays.

However, I do like to give my long hair a little touch of retro, while letting my hair do what it does naturally: “making waves”. So, I am always looking for easy and especially time saving ways, to create everyday long hairstyles with a touch of retro. That’s also how #orientalmeetsretro was born on my instagram. Staying true to my oriental long hair roots while adding some retro details.

There are a few hairstyles that I wear a lot during the week. For me, waves and curls are inseparably linked with retro vibes. I usually have to be fast, because I have a hairstyle deadline of 10 minutes in the morning. How I wear my hair usually depends on a few things, but the most important thing is my outfit. Besides that, it also depends on the weather and what I will be doing (after work). Take a look at a few of my day-to-day hairstyles:

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1. The flower saver

When I don’t even have 10 minutes, this one will save my hairday. I put some hairlotion in my hair, add a flower and I am done. If you have wavy hair, this will give you the flower power 70s vibes.


2. The front curl movement

Sometimes I just curl a few front sections of my hair with a curl iron. For example, two or three front sections of every side. Brush it out a little bit. I add hairlotion and hairspray on all my hair (and to set the curls) and done! I have to say that this only works if you already have a natural wave.

everyday long hairstyles retro curls front


Everyday long hairstyles retro curls long hair

3. Easy peasy hair up

I usually do this during summer, when it’s hot outside. Braid your hair (this will make sure that it will stay put). After that, create a knot as if you’re creating a knot with one rope. Add a hair accessory like a bow, flower or whatever you like. Hide the end of the knotted braid under the hair accessory.

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everyday long hairstyles retro hair up

4. Curl it all the way

When I have more time, I curl all my hair. I don’t start at the root, because I don’t like curls on top of my head. Instead, I make a pony tail and I only curl the hair in the pony tail, section by section. After that, I brush it out a little bit, add hairlotion and I set it again with hairspray. It stays put all day and evening.

Everyday long hairstyles retro curls

5. A good braid day

I usually braid my hair when I am in the casual mood or when it’s raining. I live in the Netherlands, so you can imagine that I have a lot of braid days. The good news: it’s easy and you can accessorize it anyway you like. Since I am from the flower power movement, I usually add a flower. Here I also curled two front sections of every side.

Everyday long hairstyles braid with curled front pieces.

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  1. Melike
    Melike says:

    Ik vind jouw haar op zichzelf al echt prachtig!! Zo mooi lang en het ziet er super gezond en glanzend uit! Super leuke hairstyles ook;) Ik zie veel dat ik ook wel zou dragen!


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