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You might find yourself at home thinking. Thinking about wanting to have a job. Or you find yourself working in the office although you know that this job is not for you. You’re back at home again thinking about your current situation which is so different than you what you dreamed of when you were 11. Or you’re out for dinner, celebrating present success but…what’s next? At home again, you’re scrolling through your social media newsfeed and you realise life is just bittersweet and for some people way too short. Which again stimulates you to think about your own life, hopes and dreams. Let’s add some more fuel to that Dreams engine.

Dreams are fuel to the engine of motivation and hope. They make you look forward to the future. What would we do without them? And I am not talking about the dreams where I believe I can fly is taken literally. Although those dreams are pretty awesome aren’t they?

Are your dreams really yours?

Anyway, back to the more realistic dreams. Or not? Do they really have to be realistic? Maybe you want to do something that has never been done before. Or in a different order than what’s considered normal. Another question: are your dreams really yours or society’s? Before you automatically reply yes. Think about it. There are a few billion people, yet dreams and goals are often alike. Why is that? Is it really because “you haven’t really lived” when you won’t go for the popular dreams and goals? Are you really “missing out”? Or is that something that society teaches you. Also: not everything is what it seems and one moment, even one second can change everything. Not perse in a good way. This also effects your dreams and goals. Reality checks show you how easy your life can turn upside down and you adjust your sails to navigate in another direction. Not because you want to, but because you have no choice.

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There is ofcourse nothing wrong with popular goals. Just make sure that they are truly yours and truly what you want. On the other hand, if your current dreams are too big and unrealistic, you’re also on the right track. Why? Because you’re showing gut by going for the (very) difficult road and by being yourself. And ofcourse you know how much I like Be Yourselfers. Last but not least: anyone who likes to discourage your dreams and goals or – even worse – question your capabilities is like weed. And what do you do with weed? Exactly. Get rid of it. Fast. And dream on.

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  1. Rochella
    Rochella says:

    Erg mooi wat je schrijft en ik herken mijnzelf er heel erg in. Ik werk al 12 jaar, en ik heb een prima beroep maar ik droom van iets heel anders. Nu probeer ik naast mijn werk toch nog mijn droom te realiseren xoxo


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