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When it comes to copyright, the following content on this website falls strictly under my copyright:
– Banner on my homepage
– All my vintage style and personal pictures. Personal pictures are for example selfies and other pictures that include me.
– Any picture that has or Oriental Spice and some Chocolate included in the picture (inspiration quotes).
– All textual content of my blogposts, since these are my own creations.

What does NOT fall under my copyright

All shared pictures, with exception of the items mentioned above. Since I write about vintage and history and I can’t go back in time to take my own pictures (I wish I could), I am dependent on third parties and old pictures, so I do not claim any copyright on these pictures. Where possible, I link back and give credit to the original source or website. However, sometimes the original source or photographer is unknown. So if you see a picture on my website that is missing a link or has pinterest/tumblr as source,  it’s because I couldn’t track down the original source. If you believe a picture on my website should have another source or credit, please let me know so it can be credited correctly.

All pictures on this website have the following goal: Spread the love for anything vintage and retro. If you don’t want a certain picture to be shared on my website, please let me know and I will remove it as soon as possible.

Terms of use

You are not allowed to use, distribute, edit, or reproduce my banner and personal pictures under any circumstance.

You are allowed to share and distribute my textual content and homemade inspiration pictures, provided that you follow the rules below:
– Ask for my permission
– You share and distribute my textual content on an appropriate website or other channel. Appropriate means: a channel that contains no adultery, no racism, no discriminating and no violating content which can offend any other person, religion or culture.
– Textual content should be distributed in its original state, as it is posted on this website. You are not allowed to edit my textual content and distribute it as your own under any circumstance.
– Provide a link and credit to the original source:

Besides the rules mentioned above, I am quite relaxed and open minded. So if you any other questions about the use of my textual content, just contact me at:

Textual Content

All textual content is based on my personal opinion, views and thoughts. I do not represent any employer, organization or other agency. My intention is to do no harm. To not injure others, malign, defame, or libel anyone with my opinion and thoughts. This blog is mostly written in English (with an exception of a few Dutch blogposts). I am not responsible for translation or interpretation of content in any other language. I am also not responsible for any “bad” interpunction or grammar if my content is translated in any other language than English or Dutch.

Also, I am not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin.

Validity and Accuracy

As you know, we are living in a 24/7 information consuming world. This also means that information or links that are published today might not be valid or accurate in two weeks or two years from now. This means that links can be broken, websites can be moved etcetera. I am not responsible for the website that a link is referring to, if the original website has been moved. I do try to keep all the links up-to-date.

Since I am human (and you probably too), I can make mistakes. Especially when it comes to historical information. Before I write a (historical) article I try to investigate as many resources as possible and be as accurate as possible. However errors may occur. So: If you find errors, broken links or links that are referring to other websites, let me know!


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