Crazy Horse Paris cabaret

Crazy Horse Paris cabaretSnapshot before the show

Yesterday it was time to go crazy while kicking off the weekend. Forever Crazy at Crazy Horse Paris to be precise. “Crazy Horse, is that a horse show?” Oh no, far from that…So wipe those War Horse images away.

Time for some Crazy Horse Paris history in a nutshell. In 1951, the original concept Le Crazy Horse was established by Alain Bernardin. He was an artist and great admirer of women. Stimulated by his admiration, he created an innovative concept: an artistic cabaret around women and design. And so it occurred. Alain developed an artistic cabaret: An ode to femininity with the body of female performers in the picture, mostly dressed in digital lightning projections and accompanied by the latest fashion and music influences. Et voilà…Le Crazy Horse was born. Since 2006 this concept has been taken to a higher level by inviting popular guests to perfom in the show. For example the Queen of Burlesque, Dita von Teese, appeared in the show. Since design plays an important role, popular designers have also been invited to design for the show. Just think about heels and Christian Louboutin and you’ll get the picture!

Back to 2014 and The Netherlands. Yesterday was the first Crazy Horse Paris cabaret ever at Luxor Theater, Rotterdam in The Netherlands. I was very curious about this Parisian cabaret, so together with a friend I decided to have a taste of Crazy Horse Paris. While we were entering the showroom of the Crazy Horse show, I immediately got luxurious Paris nightclub vibes. There was a decor of red chairs with little black tables, golden decoration, nightblue darkness, sparkling attributes and ofcourse: champagne!

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So the first impression was pretty good. We were sitting in the back because every front row was sold out, but we still had a pretty good view on the stage. The show was divided in several performances with one or more dancers. Every performance had its own link to the past. Think about Wall Street (1930), the 1970s, bobbed wiggs and ofcourse…classic vintage hosiery. Every performance started with a short introduction movie and was later accompanied by modern upbeat music and songs with here and there a vintage touch. For me it was an interesting mix of burlesque, ballet, theatre, design and surrealistic digital lightning. That surrealistic lightning is definitely something I have never seen before and it really sets this cabaret apart from any other entertainment show. That’s why it was no ordinary striptease show, but quite classy. You can go there with your friends, your partner or make it part of a ladies night out or bachelor/bachelorette party. Anything is possible. You can also see this blend of people reflected in the audience of this show. There was mix of men and women with friends or partner and the age category was ca. 25-75 years.

A refreshing surprise in this show was a man. Yes, really. After a lot of performances with the female body as key ingredient, suddenly there was a man on the stage. You saw people thinking: What is the deal? Where did he come from? And why did he have all his clothes on? Well pretty soon we found out that he could do amazing things with his hands… Check out the videoclip below, although I believe that nothing beats the live experience.

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Last but not least: you are probably wondering why I didn’t take any pictures. Well first of all, making pictures during the show was officially not allowed. And if you’re sitting near the supervisor of the show it’s definitely not allowed. That is maybe the only disadvantage of this show: if you really like to film or make pictures with your own camera, you will be disappointed. Secondly and more importantly, pictures don’t do justice to the experience of this show. So if you are curious, the movies on Youtube will give you a nice sneak peak, but you still can’t compare it with the live show. For the Dutchies: there will be a few more shows in October in The Netherlands. Otherwise I would definitely recommend visiting Le Crazy Horse Saloon if you are in Paris anytime soon. Oh…by the way, just a quick reminder if you are planning to search movies and pictures on Google or Youtube: Not Safe For Work (NSFW) material ahead!

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