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Feel like sharing your thoughts with me? Or do you have any blog requests, subject inquiries or comments? Contact me and you will get an answer as soon as possible. You can also interact with me via my social media accounts. Check out examples of a few (blog) collaborations below:

The Vintage Woman Magazine
From the anti-dresses movement to retro-meets-South Asian glamour

That Pinup
Blending Indian Tradition With Old Hollywood Glamour: Kiran Talks About Her Experiences As An Indian Pin-up

Dolly and Dotty – Retro fashion brand (UK)
Blog collaboration/barter deal
Vintage glamour on a stormy day with Dolly and Dotty
Blog collaboration/barter deal
I like big (magical) cups and I cannot lie

Interview – (NL – Dutch)
“Als je in retro kleding op kantoor werkt”
“How to: retro kleding op het werk dragen”
“De werkkleding van een marketing specialist”

Guest blog Marjorie Magazine, online and offline (US)
7 Must Haves for Vintage Inspired Looks

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