From Gentleman style to the Cat Eye: classic eyewear

via James Vaughan

I’ve got a lot of love for the classics. Classic songs, classic hollywood movies, classic fashion. You name it. This time my fascination focusses on classic eyewear.¬†Trendy eyeglasses and thinner than thin contact lenses rule the world and they do it very nicely. Eyewear is more fashionable than ever and you have so many models to choose from. That was not always the case ofcourse. Today I am taking you on a little historical tour in the world of eyeglasses.

The history of wearable eyewear
It all started a long time ago and I am not talking about the 1950s right now. Literally. Not right now, but be a little patient. I will come that in a bit. But…first things first. When were those handy and neccessary eyeglasses invented and who invented them? Well, that’s a little bit of a grey area. Eyeglasses as medical aid are believed to be discovered …