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oriental meets retro classic bollywood

Going back to the roots today. Oriental meets retro! The typical fifties retro look with winged eyes and red lipstick is obviously my favorite. Especially since it takes me only 10 minutes in the morning. However, I do like to create oriental meets retro looks every now and then. I already showed you some of my oriental meets retro makeup looks a few months ago.

Long hair and hair flowers

Youtube is still the ultimate source of social media if you want to find some new hairstyles and makeup looks to try out. For the Classic Hollywood vintage hairstyles, long hair is actually not really handy. In this case I mean hair on or below your chest. In fact, if your hair is that long, it can be quite difficult (and especially time consuming), when you try to re-create Classic Hollywood hairstyles.

However, when I turn to the oriental retro world long hair is perfect. It suits me and next to that, I like to go back to the roots and combine oriental hairstyles with retro clothes for an oriental meets retro look. While having a hair flower in the hair is still something special for some people, I have actually always considered it as normal. Even before I knew that it had anything to do with retro. Hair flowers were and (still are) a typical part and a classic item of the (Classic) Bollywood look. Especially in combination with braids.

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Wing it, but don’t forget to add some kajal

When it comes to makeup, the classic winged look played a leading role. In the Classic Bollywood case, the winged eyeliner came almost up to the eyebrows. There was one addition that made this winged eyeliner look a little different when you compare it to Classic Hollywood makeup styles: kajal on the waterline. Popular Bollywood actresses of that era, like Sharmila Tagore, Saira Banu and Vyjayanthimala, made this look popular in the 1950s and 1960s

Interested in some Classic Bollywood inspired makeup looks? I’ll leave that to those who can explain it best. Here are some tutorials with a few retro Bollywood looks.

Back to the seventies, Classic Bollywood style. Which means heavy eyes and nude lips:

The classic Old Bollywood winged kohl look:


This is actually something I have always done whenever I have a casual day. Just braid it. Add a flower and eyeliner. Done!

This is a 60s full makeup and hair tutorial. I don’t do highlighting or contouring, so I would personally skip that part, but…check out that “spot on” 60s eyeliner:

This is a nice movie that gives a little glimpse of hairstyles and makeup of the Old Bollywood era.

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Conclusion: The natural makeup look? Not in the Classic Hollywood or Bollywood world ;-).

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  1. Melike
    Melike says:

    Ik heb veel bollywood films versleten en ik ben nog steeds verliefd op Shahrukh Kahn haha. Echt prachtig je look!! Ik vind de de klasieke bollywood look ook nog steeds heel mooi. Vooral de oogmake-up;)


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