The End classic movie end
Endings and new beginnings go hand in hand.
If you’re saying goodbye, a new hello is about to ring at your door.
Some chapters are meant to be closed, before they lead you where you want to be.
As long as you’re alive and kicking, endings are just finished chapters. And a good book isn’t made of one chapter…
If you know that good times always end soon, than you also know that bad times won’t last forever.

Some endings are blessings in disguise. You just need some time to figure out why.
You only truly understand the value of a moment, when it’s in the past.
Whether it’s education, an experience you have to go through or a difficult situation…you can only level up when you end something,


Last but not least…
Gotta love some endings that come every week…
WeekENDS anyone?
So, cheers to the (week)ends!
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  1. Marcella
    Marcella says:

    Toevallig vond ik je blog via het Ellegirl forum, maar ik heb met veel plezier dit artikel gelezen. Wat een leuke en vooral hele inspirerend! Mooi om te zien wat voor positieve twist je hebt gegeven aan deze endings. Vooral deze quote vond ik echt prachtig: If you’re saying goodbye, a new hello is about to ring at your door.


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