Are you looking for beautiful retro hairstyles and makeup inspiration? Here you can find my personal tips to achieve beautiful wavy hair and vintage inspired makeup looks!

coverpic vintage long hairstyles

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’m part of the ‘#longhairdocare but don’t cut’ movement.  When I look at vintage hairstyles back in the day, half long hair was most common. That’s also a trend I see on Instagram. On the other hand, I love my (vintage) long hair too much to cut it into a very short haircut. So what to do when you want to create a vintage hairstyle with very long hair? Well it’s easy, give your own long-haired spin to it. In fact, it’s easier then you think to create a long hairstyle that gives you vintage vibes!

The secret? Well, my hair is way too long for those foam rollers (or any other rollers). Tried most of them and they just don’t work for me. So I have two options (also depending on the style that I want to create): Read more

Cover foto tiki pinup summer look

Cover foto tiki pinup summer look

When it comes to modern vintage style, my closet is filled with all kinds of retro clothes. But like every woman, I sometimes also stand in front of my closet spending wasting time thinking about what I want to wear that day. Especially on a summer day in the office. So many modern vintage tropical summer style options, but…not everything is suitable.

On a warm summer day, I always bring a cardigan to the office because although it might be 25 degrees outside, it’s never 25 degrees inside. The same applies to hosiery. I always wear 8 dernier (summer) tights, because airconditioning ruins office life. Read more

Everyday long hair retro hairstyles 70s

If you look around on instagram, you’ll see beautiful vintage inspired hairstyles everywhere. Search on #vintagehair for example. In my opinion, a lot of those hairstyles are more appropriate for medium hairstyles, so in my case my hair is actually too long. Besides that, vintage hairstyles are not really an option for me during workdays.
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