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Although my subtle hair flower addiction may be getting out of hand (currenty more than 80 hair flowers), the vintage and retro jewelry department is still mostly under control. Years ago, when I was searching for unique retro earrings, I discovered that you won’t find those at any warehouse or any large retro webshop. No, small businesses were and still are the place to be. Next to the fact that it is highly recommended to support small businesses in these difficult times, there are other great reasons to buy retro jewelry there. Read more

Featured image Dolly and Dotty black and white swing dress - blog

A few days ago, I received a beautiful dress of retro brand Dolly and Dotty*. A very classic black and white striped swing dress. Obviously I wanted to take a stroll in this dress. Preferably a vintage, glamour stroll on a very casual day. This dress was too beautiful for an ordinary selfie. No, this dress deserved much more than that. So with my co-creative partners in crime & photographers Fleurtje Bloem & Esther Schaafsma, I decided to give this dress what it deserved. A full-blown vintage glamour photoshoot on a casual, yet stormy day. Curious about the pictures and a discount code so you can stroll around in your own Dolly and Dotty dress? Don’t go anywhere and read along! Read more