‘Personal vintage memories’

Why I love to time travel to the 1980s

A week ago the news entered the world that yet another huge icon – “His Royal Badness Prince” was no more. It brought me back to one of my many, many nostalgic 1980s music moods. Remember one of my very first posts where I wrote that if I grew up in the 80s, I would totally sleep in front of a record shop to get my hands on that Thriller record of Michael Jackson that was about to come out. Or that my room would be filled with posters of Prince, Queen, Bruce Springsteen, UB40 and many other popular artists of that era. A few hours after the news about Prince, I thought about that blog post and – more specific – about my preference for all genres of 1980s music which I’ve had for years. It also brought me back to the pre-internet era and early internet years, because I’ve been around in both eras like …

When friendship met technology

February 23, 2016 | Personal vintage memories | 1 comment

A few nights ago I was thinking about friendship in the present and back in the day. With back in the day, I mean for example the 1950s, but also the time I grew up (90’s/early 00’s). It’s interesting to see how things have changed so rapidly in the last couple of years, mainly because of technical innovations. I partly grew up in the oldskool 90s era and also the beginning of the current technology era. Once again you could say: I’ve seen the best of both worlds. These days you see a lot of (funny) viral movies and memes about the influence of the digital era on our social life. So have these digital innovations of the last years effected or influenced (my) friendships?

When Oriental Spice and some Chocolate met social networks

Personal picture made by Als Filmster Op De Foto
Ready for another historical ride? This time, I’m taking you on a personal ride. Join me on my trip to social networks memory lane. It’s gonna be a long one, but I promise it will be worth it.
Let’s go back to the millennium. That’s when it all started for me. MSN Messenger had just arrived. People who were in their puberty years in the early 2000s will now experience a nostalgic moment. For those of you who don’t know what MSN is. I’m just taking a moment to feel kinda old right now.

Do you remember the time…?

Vroeger…de tijd waarin:
– je nog in sinterklaas geloofde en je schoen ging zetten en hoopte op veeeeeel cadeautjes
– je je broer geloofde toen hij zei, dat er een spook onder je bed lag
– je verantwoordelijkheden alleen bestonden uit: spelen, naar school gaan, spelen, huiswerk maken, spelen en slapen
– je Home Alone de beste film allertijden vond
– je nog droomde over wat je zou doen “later als je groot zou zijn”
– Sesamstraat en Telekids DE programma’s waren waar je even uitgebreid voor op de bank ging zitten en Bassie & Adriaan je helden waren
– het niveau van tekenfilms een stuk hoger lag
– je muziek opnam op cassettebandjes en bij het afspelen van je favoriete nummers 20x op REWIND drukte
– je nog snoep voor 5 cent kon kopen
– je de beste wilde zijn in touwtje springen
– belletje trekken op je prioriteitenlijst stond als je buiten ging spelen
– de tijd nog kruipend voorbij ging in plaats van dat …