The Christmas Tag

December 22, 2016 | Nostalgia, Personal, Retro life | 0 comments

I usually don’t really follow the tag hype in blogger land, but every now and then I make an exception. I saw this Christmas Tag popping up on some blogs and really liked the questions of this tag. So how does this Floriental meets Modern Vintage gal spend Christmas? Read along:
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
I love Christmas movies that give me those nostalgic Christmas vibes. Somehow old (Christmas) movies give me more Christmas vibes than new ones. I have seen some pieces of “A wonderful life” (1946) with James Stewart and Donna Reed. This year it’s on my to-watch-list during Christmas. “A White Christmas” (1954), with Bing Crosby is also a great classic, especially since we won’t be getting a real-life white Christmas anytime soon ;-).
But…I am also a true 90s kid. And what was a 90s Christmas without Home Alone? Next to that, I have watched “The Grinch” several …

A trip to childhood memories lane

October 27, 2015 | Nostalgia, Personal, Vintage | 5 comments

Yesterday I was mesmerizing about the past. I am not talking about the roaring twenties, fifties or sixties. No, this time I am talking about the time I grew up: (mainly) the nineties. Certain things that were so common (or literally painful) back then, are now filed in the funny childhood memories section. I am actually the kind of person who talks like the nineties are still 10 years ago, but time flies. We are almost 20-25 years away. There are always funny moments that you remember from the time that you were a kid. Here are a few memories that always make me smile (or: #facepalm) when I think back.

An ode to musical guilty pleasures

Remember the first single/album you bought years ago when you were 15? Or posters of the bands/artists who served as your wallpaper when you were a teenager? A few years later you grew up and you started listening fulltime to “quality” music. Still, every now and then you think back to the old days and the music you grew up with. A lot of those songs will still have a (secret) place in your nostalgic heart.

Blog nostalgia

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Nowadays, you know this blog as a vintage, retro and inspiration blog, but it didn’t start out that way. So how did it start? Time for some personal blog nostalgia!
2009: getting into the blog-o-sphere
As you may know, I started this blog in 2009. Blogging was really different back then. For the persons who were online savvy and active on forums etcetera, it wasn’t anything new. However, a perfect lay-out and a mobile compatible website were not as important as nowadays. Perfect Pictures? Who cares about that? How times have changed… In that time period, blogging was something I did whenever I felt like it. From three times a week to once every two months. Who needs structure? Nowadays I am a little less rebellious when it comes to structure.

Do you remember the time…?

Vroeger…de tijd waarin:
– je nog in sinterklaas geloofde en je schoen ging zetten en hoopte op veeeeeel cadeautjes
– je je broer geloofde toen hij zei, dat er een spook onder je bed lag
– je verantwoordelijkheden alleen bestonden uit: spelen, naar school gaan, spelen, huiswerk maken, spelen en slapen
– je Home Alone de beste film allertijden vond
– je nog droomde over wat je zou doen “later als je groot zou zijn”
– Sesamstraat en Telekids DE programma’s waren waar je even uitgebreid voor op de bank ging zitten en Bassie & Adriaan je helden waren
– het niveau van tekenfilms een stuk hoger lag
– je muziek opnam op cassettebandjes en bij het afspelen van je favoriete nummers 20x op REWIND drukte
– je nog snoep voor 5 cent kon kopen
– je de beste wilde zijn in touwtje springen
– belletje trekken op je prioriteitenlijst stond als je buiten ging spelen
– de tijd nog kruipend voorbij ging in plaats van dat …