About those size (double) standards then and now…

February 22, 2014 | Life, Vintage meets Present | 0 comments

In the world of today there are several “perfection” standards. When it comes to sizes and weight, especially of women, doubtful standards are set in society. Followed by endless discussions about small size v.s. plus size. Because people and judgements about other people unfortunately go too well together. When we rewind tot the 1940s – 1950s, we see that it has always been a topic of discussion, but the standard was totally different: “curvy” v.s. small size. In other words: the world of today turned upside down.
Did you ever wonder what that world looked like? Here’s your chance to find out:



No you can’t, but at least you’ve tried

December 27, 2013 | Inspirational column, Life | 0 comments

When it comes down to events in your life, there are a lot of things you can control. Unfortunately, there are also essential things beyond your control.

Controlling your attitude, yes you can
Controlling someone else’s attitude, no you can’t
Put your back into it, yes you can
Let others make their effort, no you can’t
Dive into an adventure, yes you can

Let your adventures end well, no you can’t

Inspiration from top to toe…

February 26, 2012 | Life | 0 comments

Now this is what I call a true inspiring person.
Isn’t it interesting…
A person with no legs and arms who:
– teaches other people (who may have less serious issues) about positive thinking
– enjoys his life to the fullest, despite of his handicap
– has the brightest smile
– has such a positive vibe, that you can truly “feel” it even through this 4-minute video
Look at yourself after watching this

Independency is everything…

I was brought up with the following: Always make sure that you’re financially independent. I totally agree with that. When you earn your own money, you can spend it however you like. You never have to explain why, when and how much you spend to anyone but yourself. It’s also really annoying if you constantly have to ask someone else for money or their creditcard, especially when you’re an adult
Some people still live under a rock and expect that certain women are going to marry a wealthy man. Totally missing out on the following: would women nowadays really educate ourself and make a career to marry a rich person, sit back and…be bored? They obviously haven’t learned one of life’s key lessons: the ultimate richness is being happy and healthy…physically AND mentally.
And don’t underestimate emotional independency. Some people always need confirmation from someone else that they are great, have good skills or whatsoever. This has a lot to do with self confidence. …

Onvoltooid verleden tijd

February 25, 2009 | Inspirational column, Life | 1 comment

Iedereen is vast wel op de hoogte nu van de vliegtuigramp vlakbij Schiphol vanochtend. Wat ik toch wel apart vind, is dat sommige mensen “het wel mee vinden vallen, omdat er weinig doden zijn gevallen”.
Ik snap wel, dat het vergeleken met andere vliegtuigrampen meevalt. Maar toch, er zijn 9 doden gevallen. Dat zijn er toch 9 teveel. En de nabestaanden van deze mensen kan het echt niks schelen, dat de meeste mensen het overleefd hebben en dat het vergeleken met andere rampen meevalt. Zij zijn namelijk wel een dierbare kwijt.
Beetje raar. Het lijkt tegenwoordig wel of de ernst van een ramp afhangt, van het aantal mensen dat overlijdt.
En wat dacht je van de mensen die het wel overleefd hebben. Dat zijn ook allemaal slachtoffers. Over een maand is dit “oud nieuws” voor de meeste mensen. (Tot er weer een andere ramp in het nieuws komt). Maar over een maand zijn …