In the world of today there are several “perfection” standards. When it comes to sizes and weight, especially of women, doubtful standards are set in society. Followed by endless discussions about small size v.s. plus size. Because people and judgements about other people unfortunately go too well together. When we rewind tot the 1940s – 1950s, we see that it has always been a topic of discussion, but the standard was totally different: “curvy” v.s. small size. In other words: the world of today turned upside down.

Did you ever wonder what that world looked like? Here’s your chance to find out:

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 As long as everything exactly the way I want...

When it comes down to events in your life, there are a lot of things you can control. Unfortunately, there are also essential things beyond your control.


Controlling your attitude, yes you can


Controlling someone else’s attitude, no you can’t


Put your back into it, yes you can


Let others make their effort, no you can’t


Dive into an adventure, yes you can


Let your adventures end well, no you can’t

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Now this is what I call a true inspiring person.

Isn’t it interesting…

A person with no legs and arms who:
– teaches other people (who may have less serious issues) about positive thinking
– enjoys his life to the fullest, despite of his handicap
– has the brightest smile
– has such a positive vibe, that you can truly “feel” it even through this 4-minute video