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The day that never comes…

April 29, 2013 | Inspirational column | 1 comment

It’s kinda ironic how people need to remind theirselves that tomorrow is another day. A day filled with new chances. On the other hand we automatically fall in the lap of the day that never comes: the past. Particularly the negative events of the past with a happy ending. We know that day will never come. But, “what if…”
We live in the here and now. But after a second, day, week and/or month “the here and now” is a part of your personal history. Which exist of memories. Everything you do will lead to memories. Good memories and bad memories. Good memories are taken for granted. Bad memories almost always leads to rethinking the past over and over again and this time with a happy ending. The day that never comes…

Cheers to endings!

March 1, 2013 | Inspirational column | 2 comments

Endings and new beginnings go hand in hand.

If you’re saying goodbye, a new hello is about to ring at your door.

Some chapters are meant to be closed, before they lead you where you want to be.
As long as you’re alive and kicking, endings are just finished chapters. And a good book isn’t made of one chapter…

If you know that good times always end soon, than you also know that bad times won’t last forever.

The mental scales: It’s all about attitude

January 27, 2013 | Inspirational column | 0 comments

When I say scales, you probably think about a healthy physical weight or balance.
Especially balance is important, not just physically but also mentally. When you think about your life: how much weight do you put on the positive experiences and how much on the negative experiences? Wild guess, but there won’t be any balance because the negativity tips the scales.
In fact…most people give more “weight” to the negative experiences. Now (unfortunately), some people go through very negative experience in life which have a great impact on their life. And in that case it’s logical to give more weight to the negative experiences. On the other hand roughly said, you have the “average” person who’s had a normal childhood, with a roof over his head, educated, a (loving family), with the conveniences of the modern Western world and freedom. The funny thing is that the people who’ve had very bad experiences …

The New Year’s Resolutions phenomenon

December 28, 2012 | Inspirational column | 0 comments

New Year’s Resolutions: the phenomenon that occurs when the end of a year is approaching and people suddenly get in the “change-mood”. Millions of resolutions will be made. This mood (and the resolutions) will disappear as fast as it came, after the first month of the new year.
As you can probably guess, I’m more the anti-New Year’s Resolution type. I don’t believe people will suddenly make the changes which they’ve put on a list at the end of a year. That’s also the reason why New Year’s Resolutions are actually not pursued after January and completely forgotten in March. Those resolutions are mostly standard things like:
– a more healthy lifestyle
– find a new great job
– save money
– stay in touch with family and friends

The Deja -Definitely- Vu

December 8, 2012 | Inspirational column | 0 comments

We all know the normal deja vu: when you’re in a situation and you have the strong feeling that you’ve already experienced the situation (or had the experience) before.
Then we have the Déjà – Definitely- Vu…;). It occurs when you don’t just have the feeling, but you know that you’re in a situation that you’ve experienced before in the past.
Even been in this sort of a situation?
It’s kinda extraordinary actually. Getting into an exact same situation, not once but twice. And I’m obviously not talking about doing the same groceries in the same supermarkt every week…;). I’m referring tot the kind of situations that you’ve experienced before and which can change your life not knowing if it will end the way you want it to.