What’s life without some food for thought. Here you can find inspiration columns with a link to the past. Ready to be applied in your own life.

Oriental Spice and some Chocolate summer

A few weeks ago, I did a little interview on the Dutch lifestyle blog Dejlig.nl. One of the questions actually inspired me to write this blog. It was question number four: What is your life motto? My reply (the short version) was: Be yourself. For the long version: check the interview on Dejlig.nl.

When I was very young, I somehow had the idea that becoming a teacher would be a nice career goal in my life. The teaching vibes faded away as I grew older. Becoming a teacher is probably a great job, but not for me. It didn’t fit my ambitions and the person I had become. Read more

Oriental Spice and some Chocolate red lips red outfit
Oriental Spice and some Chocolate red lips red outfit

Let me tell you something about a moment that occurs very often. That moment when I’m in the shower or about to go to sleep. My mind has 300 tabs open and then suddenly somewhere next to those 300 tabs, the inspiration movement wakes up and tells me to stop whatever I am doing. There is something important that needs to be shared. A brain flash! Read more