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A few days ago, I was watching a program on Dutch television. An interesting program where people looked back on their high school period and the (then) “most beautiful girl” in class (in Dutch: Het mooiste meisje van de klas). On contrary of the title, the program does not only focus on the appearance of the girl, but also her character, ambitions and ups and downs in life. Besides that it gives a nice peak into everyday life of a teenager in the 80s and 90s. And of course you already know how much I love those nostalgic vibes.

So I haven’t watched this program in years. But last Thursday, I felt like watching the whole episode. Why? Because the woman who was starred in this episode had character. She was spontaneous, sincerely interested in all her old classmates and the way she responded to the questions of the interviewer made me think: Well, here is someone who (probably) has a really nice personality.

It all starts and ends with your personality

It made me think about character again and reminded me how important it is in life. I am not just talking about the way people treat you when you meet them for the first time. Because true colors are not always shown the very first time. Character is something that makes you want to stay. Or leave. It’s not just something that is important in your personal life, but also at work. I love to catch up with old colleagues for example. On the other hand I am also interested in meeting new people.

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How to define good character

However, there is a difference between meeting someone for the first time and wanting to stay in touch. And a lot of that has to do with character and an exchange of good vibes. People who show respect and are sincerely interested in you as a person and all your other activities in life. Always. They want to be successful, but believe you and anyone else deserves it too and won’t hesitate to help you. They are nice in your face, but more importantly: also behind your back. There is no room for envy. They are honest, but will never bring you down to make themself feel better. Yep, they rock and are definitely for keeps.

Don’t fake it, because you won’t make it

So, those were a few of my bullet points when it comes to great character. You know the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Well, the same goes for character. My opinion about a person with great character may differ from yours. One thing is for sure: you can’t fake character. You can advertise (great) character with your words, but actions will always tell the truth. The truth can be pretty or ugly. However, if you bring on the (great) character, the good vibes movement will attack you. And it’s better to be attacked by good vibes than by bad karma, right?

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Mooi geschreven Kiran. Het valt me trouwens op dat ze wel heel dramatische verhalen uitzoeken voor dat programma. Ik heb zelf ooit in de Reunie gezeten, daar zochten ze ook naar drama.

    • Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
      Oriental Spice and some Chocolate says:

      Dankje Karen! Oh dat zou goed kunnen. Hoe meer drama, hoe beter de kijkcijfers. Wat grappig trouwens dat je in de Reunie hebt gezeten!


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