Back to the fifties festival polkadots and a cadillac backside

Yesterday was definitely not a lazy Sunday. With a friend, I went Back to the fifties.. Sunny weather, good company and a fifties environment. Just a few ingredients for a lovely vintage meets present Sunday.

So this Back to the fifties festival was in the centre of Roosendaal (Netherlands). It was not very nearby and I’ve never been in Roosendaal except for a transfer to another track in the railway station. So my friend and I felt like tourists in our own country. Tourists in a temporary time machine. Rewind to the 1950s and stay there, at least for a few hours.

When we arrived at the festival it felt a little bit like coming home for us, vintage fans. As we entered the festival location we already heard those good old rock and roll tunes. It was lovely weather yesterday, so there were a lot of open terraces. But…we first went on a little exploring tour. The festival was not huge, but nice and cosy (and also: free entrance). There were several stands with retro clothing, so obviously we were distracted right away. We bought some clothes (obviously), including a top from the brand “Friday on my mind”. There is nothing NOT to like about a clothing brand with that name. There was also a stand with retro tiki accessories.  Now that’s something that you don’t see in every retro shop. In other words, a good reason to buy a few retro tiki accessories. I took the lady (second picture) below home. She’s also very functional as you can see.

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Back to the fifties festival retro accessories

Retro tiki girl

After our shopping tour, we went on an oldtimers tour. There is definitely something about oldtimers in these modern present times. The oldtimers were in perfect condition and a lot of them had typical fifties accessories. Truly a lust for the eyes, whether you’re a (classic) cars fan or not.

Back to the fifties festival classic cars

Back to the fifties festival polkadots and a cadillac - dog peeing



We were kind of obsessed with this car.

Back to the fifties festival polkadots and a cadillac

After that, we sat down on the terrace. With a classic drink of course. Gin Tonic: here we are. As we were sitting on the terrace, people were passing by. It was nice to see men and women who dressed up in fifties outfits with typical retro hairstyles. It reminded me of the positive aspects of that era. I have nothing against casual binge-watch outfits, but as a true retro fan at heart, I would love to see a little bit more retro (style) in the current street style. Oh and let’s bring back Classic Hollywood to the cinemas again. Not just once, but like every month?

One way or another: Roosendaal, we’ll be back…

Back to the fifties festival gin tonic


8 replies
  1. Melike
    Melike says:

    Zo gaaf die foto van jouw op het eind met die roze auto!! Polkadots zijn gewoon zo leuk en je outfit is te leuk! Super leuk om te lezen en lijkt me echt een leuk event.

  2. jeapiebel
    jeapiebel says:

    Wauw! Wat een prachtige auto’s allemaal en je stijl past hier ook helemaal bij. Mijn man is dol op oldtimers, wij hebben er eentje in de garage staan maar daar moet nog veel aan gebeuren. Prachtig!

  3. Babs
    Babs says:

    Wat een gave bakken! ik hou daar echt van. Vandaag gingen wij naar Eindhoven (ook in de file natuurlijk gestaan) en dan kijk je om je heen en besef je hoe saai auto ‘s nu eigenlijk zijn…
    En je ziet er prachtig uit!


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