Veronica Lake

Another not so typical retro-meets-present day. Today we will start with a little test. Imagine the Golden Hollywood era. Ready for the questions? Here they come:

1. Name the “Peek-a-boo” blonde of the 1940s?
2. When I say blonde bombshell of the 1950s, who do you think of? If you’re familiair with the Old Hollywood world, you may think of a few. But there is just one person who pops up into everyone’s mind without having the google her name…
3. You think you can dance, but he danced Classic Hollywood nights and Broadway Ballrooms away and still is an inspiration for nowadays dancers. He is usually mentioned in one sentence with Ginger Rogers. Guess who?
4. Now let’s go to the 70s. Sideburns and white shimmering jumpsuit?
5. Ok, last one. When I say moonwalk, who comes into your mind?

Answers can be found at the bottom of this post.

Congratulations if you got all the answers right. You win nothing. However, you can give yourself a pat on the shoulder or a high five. If you didn’t get all the answers right, you know what they say: You learn every day!

So, why do a lot of people know the names of these persons with just a few keywords and without assistance of mr. Google? Well, it has everything to do with trademarks. These persons had a certain behaviour, quality or charisma that no one else had. More importantly: they are all gone, but they all left their trademarks in this world until this day.

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According to an average dictionary a trademark is a “quality or way of behaving, speaking that is very typical of a particular person, group, or organization”. In this case I am talking about a trademark in the non-legal sense of the word. In my own words, a trademark is something or a combination of things that defines you and distinguishes you from a lot of others in the world. In 20 years from now your friends and family would say that certain qualities, your behaviour, charisma or something in your appearance are still so typically you. In 100 years from now, celebrities and other well known people will still be remembered for their trademarks of today.

Some people are unaware of their trademarks. If you are comparing yourself with others: stop right now. It’s not about you versus others. It’s only about you, your world and the things you do (unconsciously) in a way that no one else can without feeling the need to compete. So you there, scrolling down this blogpost behind your computer, laptop or smartphone: what are your trademarks?

Think about it while I will give insight about (a few) of my own trademarks. When it comes to appearance I used to be the little oriental girl with the long hair. Now all grown up, I am the colorful little oriental girl/woman (age guessing games are so much fun when I meet new people), with the long hair, often a retro-meets-present look and last but not least: I love red lips and I can not lie. (All my friends, acquintances and family members who are reading this, are nodding right now). When it comes to personality, out-of-the-box is my middle name. Actions speak louder than words. This blog is a perfect example. From lay-out to content. When it comes to content, I don’t restrict myself to one subject. I invented my own niche by creating a retro-meets-present link in most blogposts and frequent trips to inspirational food for thought.

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When you know your trademark and it’s real, you can rule the world. Well, at least a small part of it. For example you can get that job instead of the 99 others. Why? Not because others can’t do the job, but because everyone has their own trademark(s) and in this case yours stood out while the trademark(s) of others may have been invisible. More importantly you have that special quality, charisma or attitude that appeals to them. Besides your professional career, this is also applicable in your personal life. So many people. So many trademarks. So find your trademarks and more importantly: don’t hide them and don’t be afraid to use them. It can be the difference between yes or no. And don’t worry, you don’t have to invent another moonwalk or create a new variation of the sideburns look (men: please don’t!). Just be authentic and the rest will follow.


Answers test: 1. Veronica Lake, 2. Marilyn Monroe, 3. Fred Astaire, 4. Elvis Presley, 5. Michael Jackson

Photo via Juan Pablo Contreras Valdes

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