I’m having a new addiction in the online entertainment section. The daily odd compliments addiction. Compliments wrapped in very originally found comparisons that make totally sense or are totally nonsense. However the impact of the compliments may actually be stronger, because of the weirdness, creativity and last but once again not least: hilarity.

Hilarity just makes the world go round. So forget those mainstream, normal compliments and go get them with the ones below. And cheers to staying odd.

Free pie for everyone

Free pie president daily odd compliment


Useful information

Penguins should have hands daily odd compliment


It’s all about accomplishing important goals

Not getting anything done daily odd compliment


 Just flirting. Like the big bad wolf would do with a little pig.

The big bad wolf daily odd compliment


 The highest level of respect


Can’t live, if living is without you…computer

Can't live without you computer daily odd compliment


Real deeds will in this case not speak, but scream louder than words

Hot coals daily odd compliment


True Loyalty: clearing your search history  

Search history daily odd compliment


Just some random wishes

Happy super powers daily odd compliment


Close enough

I like you more tv character daily odd compliment


Can’t get any more logical than this

Squirrels spaghetti daily odd compliment


Men will be men

Red rover competitive daily odd compliment


Hotness and homes of polar bears

Homes of polar bears daily odd compliment


Breaking the rules

guide dog daily odd compliment


Good PR

Face of a winner daily odd compliment


And that’s how great minds are made

Da Vinci sun daily odd compliment
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