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Remember the first single/album you bought years ago when you were 15? Or posters of the bands/artists who served as your wallpaper when you were a teenager? A few years later you grew up and you started listening fulltime to “quality” music. Still, every now and then you think back to the old days and the music you grew up with. A lot of those songs will still have a (secret) place in your nostalgic heart.

Living in the moment, thinking about the future is all very interesting. But the present moment and the future all have an unbreakable connection with yesterday. Ofcourse not every yesterday moment will always lead to a memory that brings back a smile upon your face. However, the moments that do have that effect are like an instant mood make-over. If you’re in a bad mood, you won’t be for long. If you’re in a good mood you will get in an even better mood by just opening those little memory boxes with good memories of all your yesterdays.


So there is always something that triggers that mood. 9 out of 10 times, music is that “something” for me. Music triggers that whole ode-to-yesterday vibe for me. Oh yes, it’s all about the music. In this case, music that nowadays could be classified as “wrong”, but in yesteryear those songs were in the topcharts. Eurohouse, sing-a-longs, happy hardcore, disco, pop…you name it. More importantly, you probably also liked those songs. Actually, you liked it a lot. But hey, there is no need to judge.

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Guilty pleasures and good memories

Ok…maybe a little bit. From “This is so wrong, how did this end up in the topcharts back then” to “This is wrong, but my memory makes it right” and finally we have some “How can this song be classified as guilty pleasure, it’s a classic” vibes? One way or another: next to the quality music that we listen to nowadays, there is always room for some nostalgic guilty pleasure vibes, because those are the root of good memories of today.

Personally, it makes me think about some moments in the past, my youth, fun moments and especially careless moments. Guilty pleasure music has the capability of giving good vibes to not only you, but everyone who was alive and kicking in that time period. One song, thousands of nostalgic moments.

So an ode to yesterday and guilty pleasures, because it gives us those hilarious/beautiful/fun moments that we can relive today. Dutchies: if I say “Het foute uur” and Q-music, you will understand ;-).

Last, but not least: this post is not complete without some actual guilty pleasures, isn’t it? So here they come: Just a few (vintage) guilty pleasures highlights:

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Snap – Rhythm is a dancer


Captain Jack


Los del Rio – Macarena


Whigfield – Saturday night


Eiffel 65 – Blue da Ba dee


Gigi D’agostino – L’amour toujours


2 brothers on the 4th floor


2 unlimited – tribal dance


Ace of Base – All that she wants


Kool & The Gang – Celebration

Yep, I am a real 90s kid and I loved eurohouse. Still like it actually, so no real guilty feelings here. There is a lot more where that came from. Just type in guilty pleasure on Youtube or Spotify and start reliving those nostalgic guilty pleasures moments all over again. So if you will excuse me, I have to go. My guilty pleasures playlist is waiting

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