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Hi there! My name is Kiran and Oriental Spice and some Chocolate is my little corner on the internet, where I can tell you all about my passion for Modern Vintage lifestyle and Classic Hollywood. Contact me here for collaborations or blog requests.

Who’s that Gal?

OMG I am So Retro

Well, you can take the oriental part literally (you’ve probably figured that out). I am an oriental lady with a fascination for vintage and retro  and I love writing.  I live in the Netherlands and besides spreading the Vintage meets Present love on my blog and social media, I work fulltime as a Marketeer. I love modern vintage lifestyle, but I am also a big fan of current technology and developments. For example, some tiny thing called a smartphone and of course social media. Yep. Vintage meets Present in real life.

Besides that, I like it a little bit spicy. And in this case, I am not talking about spicy food for your stomach, but even more important, about spicy food for thought. I love certain aspects of the bygone eras, but I do realize that life was not a fairytale back in the days. However, I like to keep the positive vibes alive. From the past and the present, because the present isn’t always a fairytale either.

So where did that vintage and Old Hollywood fascination come from?

I explained it extensively here. Ever since highschool, I have always had an above average interest in history. I was actually reading my history books for (high)school like a roman. Meanwhile, my other interests started to develop since the early 2000s: Old Hollywood, vintage, retro (fashion) and food for thought. When I am enthusiastic and passionate about something, I like to share it with you. And I might share it more than once. As you may have figured out: I am very enthusiastic about the vintage, retro and inspiration. So a blog was the perfect way to combine all of these things that gave me good vibes and pass it on to everyone who is interested in my vintage meets present brain flashes.

What does Oriental Spice and some Chocolate stand for?

Oriental Spice stands for my inspiration columns and Chocolate for the more “light” modern vintage lifestyle posts. I am fascinated by certain (lifestyle) aspects of the bygone eras. However, every era has its good sides and its black pages, that’s why I keep both feet firm on the ground with a lot of appreciation for the present. Besides that, humor makes my world go round, so you’ll find my don’t-take-it-too-serious state of mind and humor sprinkles in every blogpost.

So if you’re looking for interesting vintage items with a realistic link to the present: you’ve come to the right place.I like variety. That’s why this is not just a vintage & retro blog and also not just an inspiration blog. It’s a little bit of both and more, because you’ll also find blogposts about lifestyle, music, tv series etcetera.

This blog is for everyone who is interested in the origin of things that are so normal right now, not so typical personal vintage meets present stories, Classic Hollywood, homemade inspirational thoughts that you can apply in your own life, retro lifestyle items, vintage humor episodes (hilarious) and of course: retro fashion ! In other words: out of the box is my middle name…

Bourjois Rouge edition aqua laque review_Red my lips

If you made it until here: You rock ;-)! Thanks for reading!

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