Neverland - peter pan - burden - new beginning

Neverland - peter pan - burden - new beginning

There is something about Disney movies. You love the movies as a kid and they have a special place in your nostalgic heart when you’re all grown up. Remember when Mufasa died (Lion King)? Or when Dombo was being teased with his big ears? Then all of the sudden he had super powers and he could fly. Instant karma. You probably also remember Peter Pan and his Neverland. The (Disney) film version of this story was first published in 1923 and became a huge success. The rest is history. Until this day, Peter Pan is used as a name for a person who (always) has a youthful appearance. The term Neverland is used to refer to a fantasy land. A nice, fun place to forget about your worries. Another world. The one thing that can spoil your relaxed state of mind is Captain Hook. But he never wins, Peter Pan conquers every time.

Reality: no second chances, no rewind button

Well, let’s snap out of that fairytale and get back to reality. Life is not a fairytale. You already figured that out. You can’t fly (would be nice though). There is no erase button for bad choices or decisions. A lot of times you don’t get second chances and you can’t press pause to stop the time or hit the rewind button to do things differently. Imagine how many times people would actually hit the rewind button if it was possible… As a consolation prize, you do have a pause and rewind button for music and (personal) movie clips, so you can relive certain moments over and over again.

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Visit your own city in Neverland

However, Neverland does exist. Really. Neverland is a large country. Everyone has his or her own city there. You don’t travel there by bicycle, car or plane. No, your mind will take you there in a split second and you will visit your city in Neverland frequently. Now your city in Neverland has two sides. On the one hand we have the temporarily side. The side where you have stored (positive) expectations, hopes and dreams that you never thought would come true. Only they did. 1 year ago, 1 month ago or 1 day ago. “I never thought this would happen, but it did” might ring a bell. Which is nice, because those thoughts and situations will exit Neverland and enter Reality.

A permanent home in Neverland

On the other hand, we have the most complicated side. Also the one that has a permanent stay in Neverland without ever entering reality. Remember my expect less, get more post? That picture (and especially your expectations), that arise(s) while you’re living your life play a great part here. Especially when you know that certain aspects will never happen. Keep in mind: You can control the outcome of the things that are within your own control. For example: if you want to learn more, be ambitious and give it a go. Follow your passion and don’t stop if you fail once. Unfortunately, there are also things that are not (completely) within your control. Think about that job interview for your (dream)job. You can do your best and give 200%, but you do not decide whether you will get the job or not. That is not (completely) up to you. There are more parties involved. The same applies to your personal life, those complicated relationships in every form and losing loved ones. You can always hope for the best with a positive outcome. But…at certain point, you will know that some things are just not gonna happen. No matter how hard you twist, turn and try. It’s not gonna happen. Period. These are typical situations and thoughts that find their permanent home in your city in Neverland.

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Visiting Neverland for those “coulda, woulda, shoulda” thoughts is only natural and obviously you can’t prevent it. Neverland is in this case the place where you lay expectations, hopes, dreams to rest that will never see reality. It’s not always easy to accept that. But, whether it’s a burden or the start of a new beginning in your real life…that’s up to you.


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  1. Oriental Spice and some Chocolate
    Oriental Spice and some Chocolate says:

    Ah, dat begrijp ik Karen! Vooral vanwege het beeld van Neverland zoals je het kent uit de film :-).

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Insert emotioneel verhaal: Toen mijn grootvader op sterven lag, keek ik de film Neverland. Dus daar moet ik nu altijd aan denken. Ik hoopte zo dat hij naar Neverland zou gaan :).


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