A trip to childhood memories lane

Yesterday I was mesmerizing about the past. I am not talking about the roaring twenties, fifties or sixties. No, this time I am talking about the time I grew up: (mainly) the nineties. Certain things that were so common (or literally painful) back then, are now filed in the funny childhood memories section. I am actually the kind of person who talks like the nineties are still 10 years ago, but time flies. We are almost 20-25 years away. There are always funny moments that you remember from the time that you were a kid. Here are a few memories that always make me smile (or: #facepalm) when I think back.
Wintertime, who needs shoes?
One of my first memories is from the late 1980s. It was winter and I was sitting outside in my baby buggy. We were about to leave to do some groceries. During winter you’re obviously wrapped with warm clothes and shoes. But…during …