Tubino jackie & julietta pinup fifties style
Tubino jackie & julietta pinup fifties style

There is something about pencil skirts and dresses. I have always been fascinated by them. They are so classy and feminine. A while back I’ve written a post about the history of the pencil skirt. Remember how it all started with a propeller in 1908 and that it was first called the Wiggle skirt propeller in 1911 and that it was first called the Wiggle skirt? It wasn’t that long ago when women were only allowed to wear skirts and dresses. Things have changed though. Thanks to classic icons like Katherine Hepburn, fashion trends and a huge mentality change later in the 20th century. But there is one thing that didn’t change: pencil skirts and dresses never went out of style. Let’s wiggle back from the old vintage days to the present, because nowadays it’s still that classy item that is always right and suitable for every occasion.

Pencil skirts: Efficiency at its fashionably finest

In the current world anything is possible when it comes to clothing, so next to our favorite pair of (chill) pants we – women – also have our favorite pair of dresses and skirts. Pencil skirts and dresses are on top of the list. Well, at least my list. Whenever I am in the (online) shopping mode, pencil skirts and pencil dresses are the first sections I look at. You have to set your priorities straight in the present world of clothes, don’t you?. Personally I think they are also very practical, especially on work days. You can combine a pencil skirt with anything and after that you only have to choose your shoes and accessories and you’re done. So you can snooze some more in the morning… Pencil dresses are even easier. Just put them on and you’re ready to go. Efficiency at its fashionably finest.

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Tubino Julietta navy pencil skirt kokerrok

You’ll probably won’t be surprised when I say that I have more than one pencil skirt in my wardrobe. A lot more than one. However, there is a distinction between a pencil skirt and an unique pencil skirt. Classy and unique are always a good combination. There are pencil skirts and dresses that you can buy everywhere and then there are those unique pencil skirts and dresses that are rare, but definitely worth to share.

Classy, sophisticated and unique: Tubino

Well, let’s talk about that last category. Classy, sophisticated and ofcourse a lovely hint of vintage glamour. That’s the uitstraling of almost every pencil skirt. You probably know that pencil skirts usually have a short, blind zipper at the back. If you’re used to that, a pencil skirt with a contrasting, visible zipper is something different. So how does that look like?

 Tubino Julietta navy blue pencil skirt kokerrok
 Tubino julietta navy skirt kokerrokJulietta Navy skirt (via Tubino)

As you can see, this is not your ordinary pencil skirt. I bought it at Tubino. Now I have seen a lot of pencil skirts, but I didn’t see one like this before. The contrasting zipper immediately caught my eyes. That detail makes a huge difference. It looks lovely, but it’s also very functional. Running to the train anyone? Just zip it up! Another great advantage is that this skirt is true to size. It’s custom made – which is one of the trademarks of Tubino – so it fits perfectly to your unique body.

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From an unique pencil skirt to a pencil dress with baroque pattern, because these two fashion items have a lot in common when it comes to bodycon style. I have always loved the baroque design, way before this weblog and even years before Google told me that this pattern was called Baroque. In fact, I have always used a baroque pattern as a background for my website since my very first blogpost and I am still fascinated by the baroque style. It’s very sophisticated and elegant and ofcourse it gives me those good old vintage vibes. This pattern looks good on anything. You can use it as a background like I did, add baroque details to your home interior and ofcourse the pattern looks lovely on a pencil dress!

Tubino Jackie navy blue pencil dress kokerjurk
Tubino Jackie barok navy pencil dress jurk


Oriental Spice and some Chocolate I love Tubino wearing the Jackie Barok navyJackie Barok navy pencil dress (via Tubino)

Pictures ©: Oriental Spice and some Chocolate

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