I am not a morning person, but a real night owl. People who know me, will nod approvingly and those who follow me on social media have seen my midnight inspiration brainwaves. So the problem for a night person is not the fact that they meet their bed too late on a daily basis. No, in fact there is more than one problem: the morning starts too soon, there are too less hours in a day and inspiration waves always come between 11PM and 1AM. Night persons will totally understand these excuses strong and valid arguments.

Dark brown liquid magic

There is one thing that night persons and morning persons have in common: to really wake up in the morning, most of them need a boost in the form of dark brown liquid. It’s the magic word in the morning. Coffee. A nice cup of coffee to wake up, get the conversation going, socialize at the coffee machine and then the smell (and ofcourse taste) of fresh coffee beans…instant feel good therapy.

Vintage coffee world

Back in the day, this was no different. Recently, I was checking out some vintage coffee commercials on Youtube. And there are a lot of them. These commercial were all aimed on making sure that you would get the “best coffee in the world”. Even better: let someone make it for you. That someone was in the old days usually your wife (or girlfriend). Coffee was so important that your marriage even depended on it, if you have to believe those commercials. And obviously there was only one particular brand that could provide you with perfect coffee beans. That coffee “rivalry” is still going strong when it comes to sales. Back then it was for example, Folgers v.s. Maxwell House. Now it’s Douwe Egberts v.s. Nescafé. Check out these vintage coffee commercials:

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When men only wanted a decent cup of coffee for their birthday


When you run out of coffee…

Planet tea

Back to the present, where we also meet the people of another planet. Planet tea. To most coffee persons they are like another species. It may take them a little while longer to wake up in the morning, but be careful. After they have woken up, their observation levels and creativity rises and rises until it peaks between 11PM and 1AM. See, that’s why the morning comes to soon.

Despite of their differences, tea people do respect coffee (and the people who drink it). Some people even write a blog about it. I must say, the smell of coffee (beans) is really good, but I leave the tasting to other people. I do like a latte, frappuchino and sometimes a cappuchino, but reliable sources tell me that those do not fall under the category real coffee. Indeed, I do like it more the “Milky” way. Or the Chocolate way. Or both. I mean, a tip of oriental spice and some hot chocolate is ofcourse also a very good combination. Just not early in the morning. There we go again. Early mornings are not good for me…

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