A laugh every (Valentine’s) day, keeps the nagging away…

February 11, 2014 | A laugh a day | 0 comments

What is Valentine’s day without (lots of) humor?

If you agree with me, you’ve clicked on the right link. See, whether you like it or not, that obligated romantic (or general act-lovely-day) is coming. While everyone is scrathing their head about the standard valentine’s gifts, I’d like you to remind you to the gift of experience. The smile experience to be specific.

And hey, you can start small. So start with a funny-not-so-typical message. You don’t have to be orginal, just splash some humor into it. Because remember: a laugh a day, keeps the nagging away…

Also, it doesn’t hurt to think outside the box. The smile experience might reach its top when the messages below are broadcasted any other day besides February 14th.

So here is some lovely and funny inspiration for Valentine’s day and all the other 364 days:

A sign of true love
funny valentine


funny valentine
via Seas and Peas Etsy


Run while you can…!
Funny Valentine's day


This one requires your singing voice (which hopefully doesn’t break any windows)
Funny Valentine's day


Now that’s the real deal
Funny Valentine's day


No man will disagree with this one…;-)funny valentine


The naked (#Instragrammed) truth
Funny Valentine's day


“This means it’s serious” – the female perspective
Funny Valentine's day
Via AllyElleCards etsy.com


It always comes down to bacon…:
Funny Valentine's day


The business approach
Funny Valentine's day


“This means it’s serious” – the male perspective
funny valentine
via whiteliliedesigns etsy.com


Mr. T. style
Funny Valentine's day
via LucyArtsEmporium etsy.com
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